What to Do Besides Blogging???

August 5, 2011

Thank you, everyone who entered the Guest Post Contest last Friday!

It was tough whittling down the entries to just three people who will appear here and three blogs that I’ll post for.  Seriously, if you are in need of some fresh blogs to read, you should be clicking on the names in the comments.

I’ve contacted the winners, so if you haven’t heard from me, I am sorry to disappoint you.  There were no bad entries.  I thought it would only take two days for me to decide who to pick, but it ended up taking nearly a week.

So, we can all look forward to seeing our first guest blogger take the stage in a few weeks!

Okay, today’s blog is short and sweet…but that’s for a good reason!

Everyone here obviously loves writing blogs, or commenting on blogs, or stalking on blogs, or trolling on blogs, or whatever else you can do with blogs.

But hopefully, most of us are a bit more rounded than just blogging in our spare time.  I think doing lots of other stuff actually makes you a better blogger.

I like to do a few things with myself.  First of all, I’m a game player.  (Note, that’s not sports, but games.)  I love games of all kinds…except for Uno…and Cranium.  But I will giggle like a little girl if I can get three people to play Settlers of Catan with me…and then I start dishing the pain.  I try to get my wife to play video games with me, but usually creates more problems than marital togetherness.  I even created my own strategy board game last year.  It’s still in “beta” mode.  Not ready for sale.  Yep, I’m a nerd.

But, I’m an outdoorsy nerd.  While my wife and I are by no means athletes, we fancy ourselves pretty tough when it comes to nature.  We like to camp and hike, which I know sound like pretty pointless activities since the invention of houses and Segways.  We’re so into hiking, that on our trip to Colorado a few weeks ago, we could barely restrain ourselves and went hiking a mere few hours after arriving.  Worst hike of our lives.

And my wife and I are both pretty fancy in the kitchen.  But we’ve discovered we can’t actually cook together.  Neither of us trusts the other’s culinary instincts.  She’s got me constantly second guessing myself as she asks me, “What the crapcakes are you doing?”  every ten seconds.  One of our biggest tiffs ever was over how I make potatoes.  But my results are almost always scrumptrulescent…the secret ingredient is the taste of victory in defying my wife’s expectations.

So this post is short, so you can spend less time reading blogs, and more time doing one of your other hobbies!  But not until you tell me three things you do outside of blogging.  Ready?  Go…

30 responses to What to Do Besides Blogging???

  1. One of the things I do in my spare time is be the secretary for a busy campus ministry. I do a lot of the administrative stuff like making sure venues have been found for all our activities, minutes have been taken at committee meetings and correspondence answered. I also help with non-secretarial committee stuff like event planning and marketing. Unofficially, I am also the designated annoying person with camera at every ministry special event. My ministry role keeps me busy, but mostly I love it.

    I’ve got a few creative hobbies. I make my own jewelry. I think the mail office at my dorm must be starting to get a bit disturbed by all the little packets (containing beads) arriving for me from China off ebay. I do enjoy photography but haven’t had much of a chance to do much non-event photography lately. I’m also in the early stages of writing a book. The working title is “Saved, single and insane: Misadventures in the weird world of Christian singledom”. It is a comedic memoir about some of the stupid things myself and single Christians friends have had happen to us/been told related to singleness, dating and marriage.

    • Nice! Sounds like you’ve got lots of time to write a book! ;) I’ve always loved photography, but have never had much time, but seriously, Instagram on iPhone has rekindled my love for it. My wife and I are actually going to take a bunch of our to get printed and have a cheap little “polaroid” gallery.

  2. I play with my pets and like making amusing videos.

    I try to workout 3 times a week and play tennis with my husband and count walking around the zoo or at a park as exercise.

    I like to read a variety of books.

    I like games too and also made up a board game when I was a kid called “Get Out Of The Army.” Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd too. I like playing games on pogo.com.

  3. I only blog because they have me chained to a chair at the office with no access to the Internet. I started because I have to hang around for a one hour lunch. I continued because well, I had to hang around for a one hour lunch. I don’t have to do that now, and I am not blogging as much. In fact I am taking on guest bloggers, so if you want to pass on some of the losers to me, that would be cool. ;)


    I like to run, and I do everyday for 2 to 3 miles. I wish I could get someone to go with me, though my wife will go to the gym with 2 times a week. I still run in the morning and get in even more miles those days.

    I love to play electric guitar (do everyday for at least 20 minutes) and I am slowly recording a CD with many styles of music on it from blues to reggae and worship too. Lots on MySpace.

    I do a lot of the cooking, but we trade off depending on who is home first. I am adventurous – that’s all I can say.

    Travel – I like to go place I have never been – so far 42 states, 32 National Parks, and 13 countries… it’s just a start.

  4. 1. Homework, because my last year of college is about to start up again.

    2. Board games with the wife. Games in general, actually. Except I don’t think she’ll ever play Settlers with me and she refuses to play many games with me anymore because, in her words, “He always wins!”

    3. I enjoy reading. Which is kind of related to blogging, but it isn’t. Summer is prime reading time. Unfortunately, it’s ending. but I think I’ve read about 10 books this summer!

  5. 1. I enjoy cooking. My wife does a lot of the cooking but I usually do one or two meals a week. Not to brag but I am pretty good on the grill.

    2. I play video games. I don’t play a lot during the week, maybe an hour or two each day on the xbox. My wife and I will play some Wii once a week too.

    3. I like to read. I sometimes have a hard time finding books that I enjoy reading, but when I do, I want to finish it as soon as I can.

  6. Now Matt, you know this is not a fair question.

    You know good and well that no life exists apart from blogging.

    Yes, on rare occasions I do get out of my computer chair to see if the sun still shines outside, but blogging is my life… almost.

    What else do I do?

    Well, in August 14 and 16th of 2010, I buried an Indian. I wrote about that in my blog, (see my archives at http://www.cowart.info/blog/?m=201008 ).

    But that was a year ago. What have I done since then?

    My wife and I do enjoy messing about in our garden and watching birds. Occasionally we move plants around and such but mostly we sit by the fountain and talk about what work ought to be done.

    Another favorite activity for us is the “What would you like to do” game.

    I say, “Ginny, what would you like to do today”?

    And she says, “I don’t know; what you you like to do”?

    “I don’t know. What would you like to do”?

    “I don’t know, what would…”

    We can play that game for hours on end.

    Maybe I should blog about that sometime.

    John Cowart

  7. I read. I co lead a Women’s Prayer Group. I’m trying to organize my home. We like to go see silent movies and to outdoor festivals where we can see free movies.

  8. Right now, I’m writing my first novel so that takes up a good amount of time.

    I am a book fiend. Seriously. I learned how to speed read somehow in 3rd grade and I’ve been plowing through books ever since.

    I love cooking and having people over for dinner or random get togethers. Nothing makes me happier than a house full of friends.

  9. Make forts with my kids…

    Make out with my wife…

    play guitar…

    Write songs on my guitar…

    Watch Movies…

    And Make out with my wife some more…

  10. Settlers of Catan….ahh, my husband and son love to play that game. And any board game, really. Unfortunately for them, my love of games extends only to word games, like scrabble, boggle, and Apples to Apples (party game meets word game: WIN!). Actually, I guess this is a huge geek-alert: I love words so much, that one of my hobbies is reading the dictionary and thesaurus. I even buy books about the etymology of words.

    The majority of my time is is usually spent being entertained by my 4 year old and 7 year old (when he’s not in school). Oh, I’m sorry…I meant I’m raising them, not being entertained by them. ; ) But they are entertaining: the other day, my 4 year old told me she was half-person and half-ninja (she get’s the ninja from me).

    Otherwise, I also play viola and electric violin. I love music of all types, and I think the real reason I go on 4 mile walks every day is to listen to my ipod, not for the exercise.

    I also like to try out new hobbies. For about 6 months, I tried out being a fitness freak. I did the Insanity Workout, dance workouts, and ran 5 miles a day. I decided that was not a hobby I wanted to continue to pursue.

    My new hobby I’ve planned for the next few months is to re-learn the French and Norwegian I took in high school and college, respectively. I’ve got the CD’s and books…just need to start.

    Since the 4 year old will soon be joining her big brother at school (next year!), my major hobby is trying to figure out what the hey I want to do with my life. I’ve been scouring the internet for interesting ideas, taking personality test, etc. I have a BA in Psychology, but little desire to go the MS or Ph.D route with that, which puts an end to any real career there. And my interests are so varied….science, faith, writing, music, art, and so on…I’m having trouble coming up with something.

    Eek. Sorry, that was kind of long and rambling.

  11. I stalk other people’s blogs. (I’ve been a reader for awhile, but don’t often take part in the discussions … maybe I should change that :) )

    I read.

    I like to backpack and hike.

    Games are fun. Settlers is a favorite here. We also like Carcassone, and we recently were introduced to Dominion.

    I like taking pictures.

    Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough hours in the day for all of this activity!

  12. If I’d only known… we could have played Settlers when you were here! I’m sure I would have lost, but I love that game.

    Whenever I run out of things to blog about, I realize that I haven’t been doing anything besides blogging. Something about all work and no play…

    I grow veggies. I read a lot of books and blogs. I enjoy ethnic food–both making and eating it. I raise hens for their yummy eggs, free fertilizer, and motherly encouragement. I go hiking and am a pretty serious birder. I volunteer as a Colorado master gardener, I’m on the board of our local Audubon chapter, and I write and teach for both those groups. My main activity is taking photographs of plants and chickens and birds and mountains and whatever else God has created… http://www.mountain-plover.com.

  13. I don’t blog – in fact, I’m new to reading blogs – can I still answer? Well here goes anyway!
    1- I’m a poi enthusiast. My wife and I both like to play poi and have organised workshops with “famous” poi spinners in the past which was fun…We’d both like to try and integrate poi spinning into worship. I don’t know about you but I easily forget that there’s more to worship than singing… Not sure I’d dance naked though through town though; I’m no king and that would probably get me arrested!
    2- Music (listening and making)
    3- Hanging out. I’m a BIG fan of just hanging out with friends and doing not a lot – just enjoying each other’s company and sharing fellowship – good stuff.

  14. 1. I work with college grads, getting them overseas into a ministry we’re setting up in Cambodia to address the Sex Industry out there… it will be multi-faceted someday but we’re currently at 10 months of being out there… kinda awesome. They make two year commitments to us– we have them in Cambodia 3-4 months after graduation. This takes up most of my free time.

    2. I also am the resident “volunteer Chicago tour guide”… as when my friends… and friends of friends… and friends of people I used to date… and anyone who reads my blog/facebook– they all call me when they’re planning trips to The City. And I help them understand how to get around and sometimes meet and travel with them. I would charge for this, if i didn’t like making fun of tourists so much.

    3. I’m going to be homeschooling some high school friends (they’re very particular about me being Their Friend… rather than a friend of their parents) in English Comp and Literature this year. It’s gonna be hella rad. I’ve nerded out a syllabus and books and such.

    …mostly though, i experience life and think “wow, i should blog about that…” And then i don’t.

  15. I am a full-time college student (Christian Leadership major) who also leads a young adult ministry and volunteers with K-12 with my wife.

    We both also enjoy reading just about anything we can get our hands near enough to grab, and we like reading together or at least take turns reading something.

    We enjoy board and video games (and card games!), and almost every week have a game night with friends.

    Like you, we enjoy hiking and camping, as well as canoeing, spelunking (cave exploring, which is fun due to her mild claustrophobia), and [easy] mountain climbing (it is too much work to deal with all of the ropes and harnesses of serious mountain climbing … and we both have a mild fear of heights).

  16. Great idea to get you readers to talk! Interesting & fun to get to know each other. :)
    What is the difference between “stalking on blogs, or trolling on blogs”?

    About meeeeeeeeee:
    I love to cook; especially for dinner parties. I get my Betty Crocker on!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop, not purchase, just shop! okay, sometimes purchase, when I find an exceptionally great deal. Otherwise, I like to get out and experience it all.
    Super crazy love to hang out and chit chat over coffee, sweet tea, or Coke. My hubby thinks I should work for the FBI because I can find out anything about someone in a matter of hours. I know who in my church has filed for bankrupcy, who is aspiring to greatness, who is on the brink of divorce, who is etc., etc., etc. One of my spiritual gifts is ‘encourager’ so I do believe that is better than working for the FBI. Oh, and I’m a vault. I don’t gossip about other people. I just gossip about myself. {snicker}
    My fourth interest is discussing theology. I love to talk about the Bible, Old and New Testament. I haven’t been able to find people in our new town who are willing to do that. (I had several where I lived before…) Not argue about who is right, but to discuss the deeper things, the complicated stuff that goes beyond ‘Jesus loves me, this I know’…

    • Hmm, guess you know who the introverts vs. the extroverts are by how they spend their freetime.

  17. Seriously Matt, you are AWESOME at getting to engage in the conversation.

    I love playing Settlers too, and if it appears that I have no chance of winning, my main mission is to sabotage the ones that will (and I’m really good at that). On the inside lid of our box, we record the date and the name of the players and highlight the winner (do you do that too?) So far, my husband has more wins than me, but not by much.

    Aside from games, which I love (including Cranium), I love cooking, but even more than that, I bake a lot. Cheesecake is my specialty. We have people over for dinner quite a bit, although my husband has asked me to keep it to one dinner party per weekend.

    I read a lot also, not 10 books this summer yet; I read about one a week and during vacations, about 3 fiction books/week.

    I worship and do Bible study a lot too (about 10-15 hours per week). Not to sound ‘holier-than-thou’ but I’m pretty sure my crown will be loaded with jewels. :)

    I am also creative – have done a lot of different types of crafts from stained glass, to rug hooking, to scrapbooking. Before blogging/writing, I was the Scrapbook Diva and taught 4-6 classes per month for several years.

  18. 1. Be a parent. Oh wait, that’s not so much of a hobby, really, it’s just what consumes most of my time. Boys need to eat so often :)

    2. In addition to blogging, I have a little etsy shop that’s still kinda in start-up mode.

    3. Painting…not on a canvas, but walls and furniture.

    4. I do really like cooking, too, especially when it’s something new and different. (BTW, I’m totally stealing the word “crapcakes.” I love it. It’s a perfect trifecta to go with my other 2 favorite crap words, craptastic and crapton. Thanks!)

    5. I love Scrabble and the game Ticket to Ride. We are such dorks that we have both the US and European versions.

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