Want to Trade Blogs with Me?

July 29, 2011

That’s what I’m offering to you for the first time ever.  You and me trade blogs…for a day.

For two years, I’ve churned out three posts each week, and only invited a few guests to share my blog.  I have always been humbled by the dedication so many of you show to me with your comments and contributions.  So to show my appreciation to all of you who so loyally read and comment on my blog while you toil away on your own blogs, I want to open up my platform to a few of you.  Likewise, if you have a blog and you want me to write a guest post for you, now’s your chance to make that happen.

It’s super easy.  Here’s how it works…

I’m opening the blog to three guest bloggers.

I’ll feature one guest blogger each month.

You can be featured on my blog in two ways.  If you already have a really great blog post that deserves some extra publicity, leave me a link in the comment section.  Or if you have a topic in mind that you think would be great for this platform, tell me about it.  I’ll be choosing up to three bloggers.  You don’t have to have a topic or post in mind, but preference will be given to people who have a really great idea or post they can give me.

I’m giving away three guest posts.

I get asked fairly regularly if I can do guest posts for people.  I try to fulfill every request, but sometimes, I just can’t.

But, for the first time, I am also committing myself to do three random guest posts.

You can get me on your blog in two ways.  You can do a Q and A session with me (5-10 questions) of your choosing.  The questions can be about blogging, culture, church, movies, mailboxes, whatever.  Or you can give me a topic you think I should write about.  I will request that the post I give you goes live on a particular day, but that’s so I can draw attention to it here.

That’s it!  Leave a comment with the following:

A link to your blog.

If you want to guest post here, give me a link to a post you want featured, or give me a topic you want to write about.

If you want me to come to your blog, tell me if we’re going to do a Q and A, or give me a topic you want me to write about.

I’ll be contacting people in a day or two.  And, hey, if this goes really well, I just might open things up again in a couple of months!

34 responses to Want to Trade Blogs with Me?

  1. My blog is joannamuses.com

    I have already written up a post that I’m yet to publish anywhere on the different types of people you meet at Christian conferences. I can email you that if you’d like to see it. I also have some writing I’m working on about the stupid advice given to Christian single people which could possibly work here.

    I’ll think a bit more about what would be cool for you to write about at my blog.

  2. Hi Matt,

    What a bold move!

    Yet, I imagine a reader’s disappointment if they were to click on Church Of No People and instead of your wisdom, they found something I wrote.

    And, I can’t but imagine your own disappointment if you were to go to all the trouble and work to write a guest post on my site and you only generated the kind of comments I get from my three or four fans instead of your usual dozens.

    Nevertheless, my site is called Rabid Fun (from Rabid Fundamentalist) at http://www.cowart.info/blog/ > I’ve been posting it as a sort of personal on-line diary for about six years.

    Naturally, I think all my postings are great every day (that’s called self-delusion) but,Please consider using something from my archives; two that I like are:

    Scruffy, on July 16, 2007 at http://www.cowart.info/blog/?p=737

    Thin Jesus/Fat Jesus on May 22, 2011 at http://www.cowart.info/blog/?p=1977

    Yeah, yeah, I know, social gospel tripe, but those were the two entries that came to mind.

    Were you to risk your reputation and write a guest post for my site, I’d really like to see your thoughts about individual, personal devotion to Jesus.

    One other thing: would I win a cash prize too, or just the honor of guest posting on your site?

    John Cowart

  3. Of course, you’ve already been published on Fire & Grace for my 500th post, and the readers would love it. :) In fact, even if I don’t win the Matt Appling popularity contest, I’d have you again. :)

    You have my email if you need it.


    • I tried to post from my Smart Phone which is so dumb that it didn’t let me finish my comment. Topics, I like to write about dumb things Christians and politicians do.

      I did a guest post over a year ago for a site that no longer exists. It is comparison between the Internet and Christianity. I never published on Fire & Grace.

  4. Like I said before, I’d love to do this. Here’s what I got:

    For your guest post: The identity of a blogger. Talk about how after blogging for so many years, it has become a part of you but how blogging doesn’t define you. Talk about how your identity is tied to something bigger than blog posts, comments and traffic numbers.

    For mine: I have a spicy topic about pastors. I would talk about how pastoring is caring which is very different from “leading”. I would talk about how just because you’re a pastor, it doesn’t mean you are a leader. And vice versa.

    Or you could give me your own topic. I can write about anything. I’m VERY opinionated! :)

  5. I would love to do a swap with you, not that I am trying to be selfish or anything, but I would love to post on your blog and you post on mine the same exact day — lets get real you can’t get off the hook that easy and just not post one of the days. :)

    Link to my blog is above —

    I would love to write on your blog about being involved in both mega-church and house church in my life time and how its made me a multi-personality christian.

  6. Hey Matt, Thanks for the opportunity!

    This blog Post I wrote about a week ago…but it has been my most popular to date…hope you like it too…


  7. Hi Matt,

    I am really new at blogging and don’t have many posts on my blog yet nor do I have many people who read my blog.
    That said I would love to trade blogs with you!

    Here’s one post I like though (there’s some things I like to edit in it still): http://ithinkinscribbles.blogspot.com/2011/07/passing-by-would-be-friends.html

    If you wrote on my blog I think we would do a Q and A or have you write about something related to transient people (university students, travellers, people with short workplacements) at church. They’re only there for a few months. What part of the body are they? What do church people do when they find out they will only be there for 3 months?

  8. I would like to exchange posts, each of us attempting to write the most ridiculous. That would truly be a challenge.

  9. I love reading this blog and would be honored to guest post on here. Here is the link to one of my favorite posts from blog and one of my most popular too http://benjaminwiggins.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/you-be-you/.

  10. Err, I don’t have a blog. (well, except the one I created to sell my house. Do you want to add adjectives to the room descriptions?)

    I don’t want to write your blog. Too many words in my head; my fingers can’t keep up.

    But man O man do I have ideas for topics!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Hi Matt! This sounds like a fun opportunity, so thanks!


    Give me a topic you want to write about: how to scope out a new church

    Give me a topic you want me to write about: how to scope out a new visitor at church

    My thought was that since I’ve been looking for churches, there are certain judgments I make about the church and its congregants when I visit. And I’d imagine that pastors make certain judgments about new visitors to the church based on their interaction.

  12. Matt,

    Trade blogs with you? I think you’re getting the raw end of the deal on this one, but I’m game!

    Here’s a post about Nacho Libre you might find inspiring:


  13. Hi Matt! I’d love for you to do a post for me on your thoughts about email spam! I already sent you a link to some of my thoughts in an email!
    Thanks for thinking of us! At the various least, we get a guarantee that you’ll read one of our posts! 😉

  14. I would post about why I have always wished I could attend (or pastor) a church of no people

    You would post about either Guest Posting to a Blog with No Readers OR Why I Would be hired at a church of no people

    My website is included in my sign-in here.

  15. I’ve written a couple blog posts that I believe would bless people if they read them. (I hope that doesn’t sound prideful.)

    Pour Out http://sbj-lifeafterfacebook.blogspot.com/2011/02/pour-out.html

    Moving Mountains and Mulberry Trees http://sbj-lifeafterfacebook.blogspot.com/2011/06/moving-mountains-and-mulberry-trees.html

    I’m currently doing a series on John 15:1-8, titled Abiding in Christ.

  16. Hi Matt,

    I’d love to have you guest post for me, and likewise, I’d love to write for your audience.

    My blog is: http://www.andreayorkmuse.com

    My post for you (2 choices):

    1. There is no difference between knowing and not knowing
    2. Believing God’s will is for us to hit rock bottom is a lie

    Your post for me:
    Hmmm, I’d have to think more about that. Perhaps a Q&A.

    It’s kind of exciting, this kind of lottery. :)

  17. If we are created in the Creator’s image, is it safe to say that were created to create? http://rebeccatatum.com/blurbs/createdtocreate/

    Drama queens and jerks need Jesus, too. Dealing with a strong personality does not make the call of the Great Commission optional.

    If your’re offended by my colloquial use of the phrase sh!t or get off the pot, try this one for size-jump or get off the ledge.
    The only thing you can accomplish without action is nothing. The doors of opportunity aren’t going to open themselves. Find a door and knock. If you really like the door, kick it in. http://rebeccatatum.com/bible/sht-or-get-off-the-pot

    Those are my favorite three posts from the last month, but I’m working on a post now about doing what you were created to do and finding your vision…

    I would love for you to post something to stir the pot that changes the common perception (or misconception) of what Christianity should look like in our day-to-day lives. Say something bold.

  18. I would love to ask you questions and have you post the answers on my blog. I’m new at blogging and trying to figure out how I should go about it. So some of the question might be about blogging. Some might be about your faith. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. And I’d throw a few random ones in.
    I’m trying to get traffic to my site and gain connections to network with other bloggers.

    On the flip side, my idea for posting on your blog: I’m a Christian actress who us being pulled apart by two different worlds. I’ve needed to evaluate myself, my goals, and my motives pretty often over the past year and a half. It’s been teaching me a lot about who I am and how I need to reshape myself. My idea for your blog is about being lazy in the identity of Jesus. We get caught up in being ‘good’ Christians and not doing bad things that we forget to be us. I plan on writing it soon and if you’d like to preview before you decide I’ll send it to you.
    My blog is iamEMG.blogspot.com

    Erin Michele Gabbard

  19. I was just saying to myself the other day that I would love to have you guest post. Here is a link to the post I would think might fit your blog.


  20. I’m intrigued by the idea, but I have no clue what I’d say here!

    Unless, of course, it somehow draws on the material I get naturally by living with three small kids who constantly wonder why we love them.

    My name above will link you to mine.

  21. Hey Matt! This does sound like a great idea, and I always love the great conversations you start here on your blog. Gets me thinking every time!
    So here is a link to a blog post I did last month that I am quite proud of. It probably needs a bit of a do over, but if you like the idea I’d be happy to swap blogs with you!


  22. If this is still open, I’d love the opportunity to swap!

    My blog is http://www.thelazychristian.com.

    I haven’t decided if there’s a post I want to repost or if I want to do something new. You won’t penalize me for my indecisiveness, will you? :) Maybe something like this one, though: http://www.thelazychristian.com/2011/08/coexisting-with-bono.html

    My guest post topics are usually something faithy the writer is struggling with at that moment. I mean, it’s called The Lazy Christian. If you showed up and you had all your stuff together, my readers may not know what to do. :)


  23. G’day from one of your Aussie fans. 😉 Not sure if the offer is still running, but here’s a piece for consideration about the power of hospitality as a mission tool for Christians:


  24. Well my blog is rather simple, it’s a blog about that Jesus bloke we keep hearing so much about. My latest post is called “Religion’s Not a Dirty Word”.


    I would love it if you would write me a post about why you believe in Jesus. Not the rational reasons, but the real core of how Jesus changes your life.

  25. I’ve been intrigued lately by the fact that we seem obsessed with the idea that we can eliminate risk and uncertainty from our lives (at least in America). Putting together some thoughts on that fruitless endeavor…

    For my blog, I’d love it if you could write an outsider’s response to Southern Christianity…because let me assure you, it’s a whole different animal down here…

  26. Guest Blog. Hrm.
    I’d absolutely love to get in on this.. . . Though I suspect that It would probably be much more beneficial to us than you. We have a total of 17 followers to tantalize your blogging senses.
    But since I’m being selfish, I’d go for the goal of trying to write a topic about Love, and I guess have you do the same.

    (um. did I do that right?)