Why I Stopped Praying

May 13, 2011

I’m probably the least inspiring person I know.

Mind you, being inspiring is different from being awesome, which I am in spades.  But I’m not inspired by myself because, well, most of my life is very ordinary. It’s not all that risky or amazing.  Even being me every day loses its novelty.

Then I realized what my problem was.  I’ve been praying too much.  Way too much.

So a few weeks ago, when the opportunity came to do something kind of risky and out of the ordinary, I didn’t pray about it.  I didn’t ask God’s blessing, or seek out his plan for my life.  I didn’t even sleep on it.  I did something completely impulsive, which is very unusual for me.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what I did, and why I didn’t clear it with God’s “plan” for my life.

A Really Big Impulse Purchase

A few weeks ago, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary featured Seth Barnes, founder of Adventures in Missions.  I’m a big fan of Jamie, and I don’t think she’d endorse just any crappy old missions organization.  I checked out AIM’s site, saw there was exactly one trip that fit with my schedule, so I registered myself and purchased a plane ticket, barely aware of the destination I had signed on for.  Oh, I did tell my wife.  I’ll be heading to Matamoros, Mexico this July.

Maybe you’ve taken bigger risks with even less forethought, and I congratulate you for your reckless, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude.  You are a big reason YouTube exists.  But this, for a guy who tends to over-deliberate over the kind of cheese I should buy, or whether or not I really need bread, was a big-time impulse purchase.  I’m not going to change the world, and I’m not saying “Look at how inspiring I am!  I’m being completely reckless for Jesus!  This is a total game-changer!” But it’s big…for me.

So why did I suddenly sign up to go to Mexico without a single “What do you think?” to God?

Pray Until God Gives Up

You know how someone at church will have a really wacky idea, and the pastor or someone in charge will counter with a gentle “Let’s pray about that.” That’s church code for, “No chance in hell.” Every pastor knows this trick.  It is invaluable.

Well, my prayer life is very much the same.  I’ve never claimed to pray too much, because most weeks, I don’t…unless I sense that God is giving me some ridiculous idea.  Then, like a good pastor dealing with some crazy church member I pray…and pray…and pray until I “sense” that God is so sick of my prayers that He says, “Fine!  I changed my mind!  Do what you want!  Just shut up and leave me alone!”

I pray myself right out of having to do a lot of things.  It’s a great system.

The fact is, I’ve had a nagging sense for a long time that I needed to do something.  So I knew this time, that if I gave myself any time to “pray,” I’d just pray myself right out of it.  I’d procrastinate.  I’d come up with other pressing things I have to do.  I’d think about adult things like “consequences,” or “money,” or “cartels” or “safety.”  I actually didn’t think about any of those things until people at church brought them up.

When the opportunity came, I didn’t need to pray because God had already given me an answer.  He told me, “Matt, stop praying about it and get off your ass.”

Pray Without Ceasing?

Most Christians won’t tell you that there’s such a thing as too much prayer.  (Even though we’ve all been in prayer meetings that lasted a tad too long.)  But it got me thinking.  Maybe there are other times I just need to get out of God’s face with the prayers.  How long should you spend seeking God’s plan for your life, before you just get up and do something? How many times can you ask God for something before you’re wasting your time begging for something that God will never give you?  How many times have I prayed that someone else gets their act together, while ignoring my shortcomings?

So I ask you: is it possible to pray too much?  Is God sick of hearing us ask for the same things?  What do you avoid doing by praying all the time?

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Your post here is so wonderfully real. Good job. Have fun in Mexico.

    And, guess what, the Lord sent you there without you’re even having prayed about it.

    His actions do not depend on our prayers. Sometimes our Father lets us participate in what He is doing, but it’s like when you let your own four-year-old help you paint the fence.

    The Lord has a fence for you in Mexico.

    I’m no bible scholar but it seems to me that once in the Book Of Joshua, the Lord told Joshua to stop praying about a matter but to get up and go to war? I can’t think of the exact reference but that passage struck me when I read it once.

    For myself, I keep up a running prayer-time instead of having a set time and place. My prayers resemble you and me in the car talking things over as we drive to the grocery store.

    Sometimes the conversation touches on this and sometimes on that and somethings are just not worth talking about.

    And, the Lord, as the responsible adult in this car, can tell when I’m just babbling the Barney Song a thousand times because it sounds cool, when I’m praying, and when I’m just daydreaming out loud.

    No matter what, it’s a good trip.


  2. I wonder about this, too. On one hand I don’t want to be like Abraham or Moses, trying to do things my way to force God’s hand – on another, He used them powerfully. I think it’s fear that holds a lot of people back and we’re not supposed to be slaves to fear; if we really got that, and trusted God was who He said He was, maybe we’d be more willing to step out and do crazy and incredible things…

  3. I like this post because you are right most people use “let’s pray about that” to mean, Hell No. However, what I do is pray for guidance and then go on with it until something comes along either to confirm my action or to warn me against it. A recent incident proved this method very effective. I was given a chance to make some money, however it would have taken me out of the hermitage for too much time, and refocused my attention from God to money. I prayed got no answer and then was ready to do it when at Mass yesterday I began to feel very much like I was taking a bad turn. So, while praying “is this your Lord?” it became fairly clear He was nixing the idea.

    The only time you cannot pray too much is when doing intercession. That is the kind of prayer that is unceasing. Plus, you can pray always just keeping this simple prayer in your mind. “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” It is very ancient and very powerful. Try it, you’ll like it! 😉

  4. I like your thoughts here Matt. I do think modern Christianity has put too much emphasis on stopping everything and throwing words at God. We’ve become so fixated on the importance of doing it that we’ve lost sight of other forms of prayer.

    After all, how could you actually “pray with out ceasing,” if it entailed doing nothing except talking at God (yes, ‘at’ rather than ‘to’ or ‘with’). I do pray that way daily, but it does tend to be more of a “thy will” kind of prayer and I do what I call “flinging prayers” throughout the day, “thank you” or “be with them,” quick, to the point, simple.

    I think the biggest part of my prayer life is the part that has the best possibility of becoming “prayer without ceasing.” I try to live a contemplative life. I try to listen for God at every turn. I try not to talk too much. I try to see God in the mundane. I try, but I’m not so good at it yet. I’ll keep trying.

    I hope that your trip is full of blessings.

    Mark Sandlin recently posted..Until ALL Can Wed

  5. Matt,

    I’ve been to Matamoros and it’s not that bad, plus you’ll only be a hop, skip, and jump away from US soil. Have fun!

    And what made God think you were praying on a donkey?

  6. I think, for anyone in Mexico in July the caption for the picture will be: “Look at how perspiring I am!” not “Look at how inspiring I am!”

    I think it is awesome! But I was a short term missionary, and I love that stuff. We’ve had a little one, and I sort of miss being out there. My first trip took a lot of prayer and perpetration because I had lots of fears. The others took a lot less.

    I have one tip for traveling in Mexico: Learn as much of the language as you can. You will enjoy the trip more, the Mexicans will enjoy you more, you’ll feel less like a stupid American, and more like a Christian on a mission, and it will be a lot of fun making mistakes as you build relationships with folks, who I promise, you’ll never forget.

    Is it possible to pray too much? Yes. We are supposed to do what we see the Father doing. Sometimes he is doing something other than praying.

    Is God sick of hearing us ask for the same things? No, he gets tired of us not listening to his voice when he does answer. Grace and mercy are great, but they are not crutches.

    What do you avoid doing by praying all the time? I love to pray – especially in the Spirit. I pretty much just go with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

    I got up a couple of days ago, and was going to ask a friend for help because I have been sick. The Lord said not to, but to call him and encourage him. I did. But what about the help I need, Lord? He said it would be in there the next day. Let’s just say the check was in the mail 24 hours later. I could have prayed all day about my stuff, but I didn’t have to.

    Great blog –

    Adios amigo!
    David recently posted..Have You Ever Felt Like a Basket Case I Have

  7. This is really good. Another side to the same subject is that sometimes we can pray amiss. That’s when we need to turn to praise.

    Hope you enjoy Matamoros. Been there many times from SPI, but that was in the old days when it was a destination for cheap shopping.

  8. In your case, it sounds like you had the answer before the question came! And I think that answer was there because you were communicating with God already. IMO, I think this is a really good example of how we can take a good thing (prayer) and corrupt it into something that enables us to be lazy. It’s not prayer that is bad, but rather the way we’re using it sometimes. Great post, and I’m glad you got this opportunity to go to Mexico!
    Jo_of_TSN recently posted..Finals

  9. Exodus 14:15,16
    Very interesting account of God telling Moses to stop praying.

  10. Richard Foster said that to pray is to change. If our prayers lead to an unadventurous life we are probably not listening but looking in the mirror and becoming justified in our wisdom. The danger of prayer we are in control of is the evil of low level of harmony, a triviality, from which the escape is chaos. (John Haught) Grace upsets the world order, our world order. That is when we need Christ. That is when we experience faith. – – just don’t rock my boat right now. I’m busy.

  11. good thoughts matt. I was excited when you first told me about it and I am still excited to hear about your adventures. I am glad that we are friends because I am probably the exact opposite of you. I make these huge impulse decisions and then come to regret it latter on.

    As far as prayer: I have that verse from Thes. tattooed on my arm, and I have come to believe that prayer is more then an intentional time of seeking the Lord’s will. I am trying to practice a continual conversation with the Lord. Quick conversations, like hey God what do you think about this. The more I practice quick conversation like prayer the less I have to crank the worship music in my bedroom and REALLY pray.

    I also grew up in a pentecostal church and have met a lot of people who pray so much about things that just dont matter as much as the time they are giving them. I have often thought of prayer like my relationship with my real Father. Sometimes when we are in our Dad’s house we dont need to ask for a bowl of cereal we can just grab one. you know?
    Darrell recently posted..3 Things I Learned About Church In Macedonia

  12. I have kind of adopted a “jump into the adventure” mentality when it comes to stuff like that. If it seems interesting and won’t completely destroy my life then I just go ahead and do it.

    Sometimes it turns out to be a great decision and other times it becomes a “learning experience.” But I usually don’t regret it.

    U2 has a song called “please” where Bono sings “please, please, get up off your knees.” I think you pray AS you do things. That way you begin to look for God in everything you do.

  13. You have to be careful using “let’s pray about that” as a way to sound spiritual while saying no. When a ministry we volunteered with asked us to move across the country, it made absolutely no sense from a human perspective. So we told them, “we’ll pray about it.” To our utter astonishment, God thought it was a GREAT idea. And here we are, 1000+ miles from where we started.

    As to the “pray without ceasing”–it all came clear to us when a friend with an Asperger’s son explained how most young children reference their parents before making a decision (but his son did not). A quick look at mom or dad is all it takes. Of course, knowing mom’s opinion on something doesn’t always lead to obedience. We’re to be the same way with God, like little children, just checking to see what He thinks before we act. (http://blogs.icta.net/mom/2009/04/without-ceasing)

    Can’t wait to hear what God teaches you in Mexico. You won’t be lacking for blog inspiration!

  14. I think it depends on how you define “pray.” If you’re the kind of person who has constant conversations with God all day then every decision does not need to be an on your knees praying down fire type of event.

    I also believe that God often whispers to us. Unfortunately so many of us are busy doing, talking, working and whatever else that we miss that still small voice.

    Often the answer is not to pray but to shut up and listen.
    M. Smith recently posted..A Place to Call Home

  15. I don’t pray very much. There i said it…that was good to let off my chest…

  16. Matt, you bring up some very good points.

    First I do think we need to pray without ceasing as Paul tells us in Thessalonians. But we might need to change our concept of prayer. Prayer is not always asking for something, it’s not always asking God to lead, it’s thanking Him for the moments, drawing closer to Him, seeking that intimacy that goes beyond an ask and you shall receive relationship. There have been times when I’ve had a constant conversation with God, and it wasn’t asking for things, just chit chatting. I’m not sure why it is so hard to get back to that place where it’s second nature to talk to God, but I know many of us need reminders to pray more,or at least ask less and seek more.

    But I do agree that many people pray too much for some kind of miraculous moment where God opens up the sky and says in a booming voice, “Yes, Matt book that trip to Mexico!”. Or they pray and look for God to pop up and say, “Don’t go home with that guy and engage in premarital sex.” or “Stop drinking before you get wasted!” People tend to look for God to approve or disapprove what they are about to do either to get out of something the Spirit is leading them to or to feel better about something they already know they shouldn’t be doing.

    Right after I was laid off and Mark’s ministry fell through we found ourselves in a cash flow situation. We had paid all our bills, we had money coming in at the end of the month, but it was mid month and we had no food. We informed two people at our church of our situation and asked for help (this was hard). One was a close friend (or so we thought) and one was a church leader. The only response we got was to ask about our church attendance (we had missed some services lately). Help was not offered and our request was not mentioned. When I confronted my friend about this she said she had to pray about it. I told her while she was praying I was standing in a food line because my other option was to go another day without. She said money can ruin friendships and she wanted to seek God first. I told her while she was seeking God her friends were suffering and God was finding some one else to do the work He had initially called her to. And He did. God sent us some one else. Because God doesn’t need me or you to do His work. He might want us to, but if we don’t follow the Spirit and instead go into our closet to pray about it, God will use someone else to act now.
    Caral recently posted..NOT Proud to be an American

  17. Matt,

    I like the courage of writing this article. I think it something we all think at times but would never admit in curtian circles. I am very impressed with your readers comments, I expected the trolls to come out of the wood work just on the title alone.

    Personally, when I think of prayer I like to think of 2 things:

    1.) How can I become an answer to prayers?

    2.) I think of Matthew 6:7-8 which are the words just before Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer he says, “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” The part about “the Father already knows what you need” just jumps out to me every time. I try to stay away from my needs and try my best to get into prayer that feels like a conversation which God. I hear God speaking to me more when I express to him how I feel about an issue and try to be a real as possible with Him.

    Again thanks for the post & some really good comments on todays post,


  18. Yeah I think there is such thing as praying too much. And I sometimes think we already know what to do we just don’t want to do it, so we throw the God card out, “Well, I just want to see what the Lord opens up.”

    The way I see it is if my 4 year old daughter said, “Dad, can I clean my room?” What do you think I’d say? Of course. So I think it’s the same with God. There are something in life we don’t have to ask because we know it’d please God.

    You all have a good weekend. I’m turning 30 on Sunday and my body will commence breaking down at 6:05am.

    Charlie Chang recently posted..289 One year closer to buying black hair dye

  19. I think there are so many different types of prayer so if we are praying for someone who is really ill then it is good to pray constantly. To always be thinking of that person and asking God to act. So maybe the issue isn’t do we pray too much.

    I always use prayer as an excuse not to do something. At the moment there is a venture that I am hoping to start and I am putting off actually working on it because I am praying about it. But really I’m not even doing that.

    But it’s not even that I need to stop praying about it. It’s that I need to stop praying for a sign or GOd to say its ok, and start doing it whilst still praying for God to help me through it and for guidance.

    You probably won’t like this based on your last blog but hey what the heck, maybe the old cliche is good advice here.

    “Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you”

    There you go. How about that for relevant :)
    Paul Robinson recently posted..Rally To Restore Unity- A Blogging call for Christian Unity

  20. yeah, i guess praying is more of a two-way conversation.

  21. This is great. Sometime I think you can do something while still being open to whether or not you really should be doing it.

    I’ve always been raised in the idea that it’s God’s Will or it isn’t, but really what if God did want me to say yes, go and then learn a big lesson in quitting. (real past experience). Which is it? Was it that God didn’t want me to go and I went anyway? Or did he want me to stay and I disobeyed HIm? No one ever told “good thing you quit when you felt like God wanted you to go home.” That obviously wouldn’t be a great church answers.
    Jenn recently posted..This is my 5 minutes today Deap Breath

  22. Great post Matt. This “let’s pray about it” mentality is what I like to call steering a parked car. It looks like important work, but does not really get us very far.

  23. Bryan Roberts May 15, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I, too, am so very guilty of steering a parked car with a “let’s pray about it” mentality. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the ubiquitous “I just want to find God’s will for my life.” Who hasn’t wrestled with that one?

    Now, I don’t claim to have found all the answers, but here are some lessons I’ve learned:

    1) We often hear God clearly speak his will into our lives through people and circumstances we encounter as we’re simply out working in the field.

    2) (And this is my favorite…) If you look in the Bible, you don’t see God handing out many 5, 10 or 20 year plans for people’s lives. He likes to interrupt their regularly scheduled lives (because he knows they’re listening!) and say life-changing things like, “Hey, man! Whassup… Now go build a giant boat.”

    Learning to just work in our fields and simply watch and listen for those moments are WAY more exciting than hours of prayer about our lives before we act at all. I believe the “never stop praying” idea is simply a running conversation between us and God as we go about our daily business.

    But if God tells me to build a giant boat, I’m hitting my knees for, like, weeks.

  24. Hi there. Sorry in advance if it’s rude of me to comment on an “old” post where all the comments happened a couple days ago or more. I just came here by way of Wes Molebash’s blog. I’m an atheist, and I have some questions for you about this post — I’m honestly interested in your answers.

    It sounds to me like your outlook on prayer is very similar to my own. You notice that people claim to pray about it when they are really just looking to say no and have an easier time pinning the responsibility for that refusal on their god. (Leslie commented above about the opposite thing happening, praying before saying yes — but in that case, I think it’s easier to say yes to something because God told you so than to say yes and accept the responsibility for that decision and all its outcomes yourself.) You notice that people (such as yourself) pray when they don’t want to do something, in an apparent attempt to talk their omniscient, omnipotent deity out of going ahead with whatever his presumably perfect previous plan was. You think the best course of action is to actually take action yourself based on your own judgment, rather than wait for God to tell you to do it or to wait for God to do it himself.

    Now, I don’t think praying to an omniscient, omnipotent god makes sense, because that god must already know everything you are thinking and must be able to communicate its will to you regarding those thoughts, by definition. At the same time, the Bible does say that Christians are to pray without ceasing (as you reference in your own post) and stresses the importance of prayer in general. So at this point I’m pretty confused as to what you actually think prayer is good for, if anything. Does God undo his perfect plans because you asked him until he got too annoyed? Does God grant Christians anything they ask in prayer, as Matthew 21:22 says? Does God do nothing in response to your prayer, and require people to do all the heavy lifting to make prayers actually “come true”? Do you think the god you believe in is omnipotent and omniscient? If you don’t think prayer is worthwhile and you think it’s better to rely on your own judgment and your own actions than waste time praying … why are you still a religious person?

    Thanks for being patient with me. I look forward to reading your response(s).
    NFQ recently posted..Don’t legitimize the illegitimate

    • Wow, great questions!

      I guess I’d say that the post is a reflection, not so much on the purpose of prayer or how prayer works, but on my own human nature. As you observed, I (and I think many) people pray simply as an excuse to avoid action.

      As to how prayer works, or what it’s for: I do think that God is omniscient. Jesus said that God knows what we need before we ask for it. So I don’t think we’re telling God anything He doesn’t already know, nor do I literally think that God changes his mind just because I procrastinate and bug him long enough (because he would know that I would do those things ahead of time). I think sincere prayer is less for God’s benefit than for ours. Sincere prayer is less about talking, talking, talking to God, constantly asking him for things, and whatnot, and more about shutting up and letting God talk. I think it’s in our human nature (and maybe moreso – American nature) to constantly come to God with a “need,” which is hardly ever a real need. So people who claim to “pray” miss out a lot on what prayer is actually intended to be.

      You said that an omniscient God ought to, by definition, be able to communicate its will to us. I think that’s exactly what prayer is for, and what I and most people miss out on most of the time. When I’m talking constantly and telling God what I want, it’s harder for me to hear what His will is. In the case of me going to Mexico, I didn’t need to pray about it, because I feel God had told me repeatedly what He wanted me to do. I just didn’t want to listen. I was too busy praying for other nonsense. So it’s not about prayer always being a waste of time. But the way I often pray, when I pray selfishly, or half-heartedly, or unwilling to listen, that kind of prayer is a waste of time.

      And no, I’ve lived long enough to know that God does not write a blank check for whatever we want just because we ask for it. God has said “no” to many of my prayers. It is easy to take that verse in Matthew alone, but there are other texts in the Bible that talk about why we don’t get what we want. Take James 4:2-3. When we pray for things selfishly, or for things that are not in our best interest, those kinds of prayers are not answered. There is also not a “formula” to making God always answer favorably.

      I hope that’s all clear. Thanks again for the questions – very engaging.

      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Matt. I totally hear where you are coming from about prayer being a waste of time in specific cases — I guess I took the post’s title too broadly. 😉

        So, we agree that God should be able to communicate his will to us, and you say this happens through prayer. My point was more that we shouldn’t have to do anything in order for God’s message to come to us … and actually this sounds like what you are saying when you explain that you were sort of talking over God with your prayers. (If this isn’t too far off-topic: what is it like when God tells you what he wants for you? Do you hear a voice, or just get a sort of gut feeling about what’s best? How do you know it’s God?)

        You’re right, of course, that there are other verses in the Bible that say that you don’t get whatever you ask for in prayer. The thing is, the verses like the one I pointed out are still there, too. There are stories where God performs particular miracles in order to give doubting individuals proof of his existence, and there are also admonitions not to use your prayers to “test” God. And plenty of other contradictory teachings which I don’t need to get into here.

        It seems to me like what actually happens with our prayers is not that God answers “yes,” “no,” or “wait,” but that things happen, don’t happen, or happen later according to human actions and a hearty dash of random chance. (This sentiment is expressed somewhat flippantly but vividly in this video.) If praying doesn’t affect whether a certain outcome happens, and God can read your mind and express his will to you without you doing anything because he’s omnipotent… what’s the point of praying in the first place?
        NFQ recently posted..Ritual torture- for Jesus!

        • NFQ, I get what you’re saying about how God ought to be able to communicate to us without any action on our part. In a way, we’re agreeing in that yes, peoples’ prayers can be so noisy that they are talking over God. But by that very notion, it is clear that some human action is necessary to hear God’s message. If God could communicate to us no matter what we do, then no matter how much we talk over God in our prayers, He ought to be able to overcome that noise and get through. It’s kind of like a TV show in a way. I know that The Office is on tonight, and the show will happen whether I tune in or not. But I have to take the action of watching to show to know what happened. So I would say that it’s erroneous to think that prayer doesn’t affect outcomes, or that God can express himself to us no matter what.

          I suppose people have all sorts of ways they believe God answers them. For me, it’s pretty subtle. The skies do not open up, nor does a voice come down from the skies. It’s a gut feeling, or what we may call the conscience. Prayers seem to be answered to me by an inner dialogue, or my mind or emotions will be changed about something as I pray about it, or I have a sudden resolution in my mind over some issue. Once in a while, I’ll get what I’ll consider to be a physical confirmation of something. When I was wrestling with the idea of being a pastor and going to seminary, I had several people within a few days suddenly say things to me out of the blue that got my attention as some kind of confirmation that I ought to go to seminary. For me, prayer isn’t floaty or visions or stuff like that. It’s much more logical or concrete, because that’s how I work. The most common occurrence for me is that I’ll be reading something out of the Bible. It might be something I’ve never understood or never paid attention to, and I’ll suddenly have a rush of realization of the meaning of the passage. Like, pages of dialogue about the text.

          As for the verses about prayer, there are still a lot of things about the Bible that I don’t fully understand. I don’t know why Jesus said what he did in Matthew 21:22. Maybe he was just making a figure of speech to pump his disciples up a little bit. (In a passage in John, Jesus even chides his disciples for not understanding a figure of speech when they hear one!) But it’s like many things – I don’t understand how medicine works to have experienced that it does work. Then again, there are plenty of people who distrust modern medicine, and like prayer, don’t think it works!

  25. Your Heavenly Father wants to hear from His kids now and then. So pray.

    Say hello. Ask Him what the hell He is waiting for?!

    Say you’re sorry.

    Say thank you.

    Ask for things.

    Just pray.
    Steve Martin recently posted..“Religious Noise”

  26. This is exactly….Exactly what I have been trying to study and read about in Scripture. I always call it “Having the perfect peace” syndrome, before doing something. “Oh we have to be at peace with it before we do this or that”.

    Does anyone think Peter was at peace when he was on the edge of the boat about to step onto the water? I sure don’t… But he stepped out anyway…

    Wonderful post, thanks for your honesty… Peace
    ckroboth recently posted..Love like Love…

  27. Is it possible to pray too much?
    If it is, you’re doing it wrong.
    I’m serious. Quality over quantity.

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