I Made the News

May 9, 2011

It’s true, I finally made the news.

The last time I was on the news, I was ten, and was caught by a cameraman…walking away from the camera.  Not exactly a big media splash.

But a couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a reporter from our local NBC station.  Since I don’t regularly get calls from news reporters (this was, in fact, my first) my heart rate jumped to about two-hundred inside ten seconds.  I could not imagine why a news reporter would want to talk to me…

As it turns out, she was doing a story on house churches.  She googled “house churches” and we were near the top and looked legit, so she said, so she chose to call me.  So yesterday morning, we had a house full of people, plus a reporter and cameraman.  Pretty sweet.

Of all the things I’ve been praying for, I have not been asking God to send us a news reporter.  But it was pretty fun.  I hope we were good ambassadors for house churches everywhere, and for Jesus.  Here’s our church’s little site.

This also marks my first appearance on the blog in digitized video format, if you care.

Watch the clip, and tell us if you’ve ever been on local news (or at least made a face behind a reporter doing a live report.)

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  1. Wow! Matt,

    Good job. Today the news; tomorrow Oprah.

    I hope this promo piece generates more good things for your congregation. You come across as quite presentable and personable.

    A few years back I was on tv. Local stations covered a speech I gave at a memorial service for Dr. Robert Bateman, a Jacksonville man who had died aboard the Titanic back in 1912.

    Mostly I talked about history and background of the Titanic, but I also included a modicum of Gospel message. The strangest thing happened, two of the tv people covering the event started crying; I really don’t know why. Maybe they felt tinder-hearted over a man who’d died 80 years before.

    The next day the girl at the checkout counter in the grocery store, recognized me. Heady stuff. I felt famous till she called a friend over and told her that I was the old guy who had died on the Titanic in 1912!

    When I explained that I was not actually the dead guy, I think the girls were disappointed. Sic transit gloria mundi.


  2. Fantastic, Matt! You have a very melodious voice, I can understand why you preach. Of course, you write wonderfully as well. Believe it or not, the Catholic Church is allowing some house churches as well, mainly for congregations that want to keep their identity as a community and not be merged into another congregation.

    Great work and you look good on camera. Have you considered video blogging?

  3. I made the news this week too…for bad! I was at the national Day of Prayer listening to some Unitarian address “mother earth” and drivel on about “green grass” when all of the sudden she broke out in half song / half chant freakish out-of -tune (and maybe out of body certainly out of mind) rendition of kum-by-ya asking the earth to get healed. That’s when the camera caught the horrified expression on my face. 6:00 news…front and center. YEAH!
    Brian recently posted..Waiting Game

  4. This is awesome! Congratulations on your news debut. :]

    I made the news once… walking through a department store working a Christmas Charity event for families who were financially struggling through the holidays. I looked like a smurf in my baggy tomboy clothes and uncombed waist-long hair. which is awesome. 😛
    heather joy recently posted..Question of the day- the rapture

  5. Nice! When can I come and visit?
    Charlie Chang recently posted..287 The 3 million dollar sin

  6. I am glad that the news picked you to be the face for this interview. You made KC proud. Glad that you guys are doing what you are doing.

    I have never made the news but someday I maybe as famous as you.
    Darrell recently posted..Manic Monday- Things I Am Crazy About 1

  7. Well, you all made church seem like a normal part of life. That is a wonderful message, Matt. It is sure nice to see positive news about the church.

    I have never made the news. Some years ago my name was in the newspaper – some good – some bad.
    David recently posted..Have You Ever Felt Like a Basket Case I Have

  8. Neve made the news, that I know of. I have been involved in something that has made the news. The last few years in my town several of the churches get involved for a spring break mission project here in town. Last year, and I think this year too, a couple of the local news stations did a report on it, because after all it’s not that common for 200 teenagers to give up their spring break to do mission work. I wasn’t in the story but it’s cool to be involved in something that made the news.
    Ben Wiggins recently posted..You be You

  9. Nice job on the interview! And I was impressed to see how multi-generational your house church is. One of the things I’ve grown to appreciate is how wonderful it can be to have a good mixture of very young to very old in a church. A church of only 20-somethings may be lacking in some areas just as much as a church of only 70 to 90-year-olds.

    My only tv airtime was part of St. Olaf’s Christmas Fest that airs every year on PBS, as well as an NPR radio spot on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (as part of the St. Olaf Orchestra). Ya, sure you betchah! Unless you count the time I was on the evening news, mentioned as one of three “unidentified car wreck” victim. It was a pretty horrible wreck- miraculously we all survived. But since I wasn’t actually named, I guess that hardly counts. ; )

    • Yes, I know what you mean. A lot of churches definitely cater to the young, but it is lacking. People older than 30 tend to have many things, including, wisdom, experience, money, leadership, perspective… :)

  10. Wow Matt that is amazing! I’ve always been part of a “big” church I guess, but the whole House Church thing seems really fun to be involed in…especially since I’m used to doing “house shows” or “house concerts” Doesn’t seem like that different of an atmosphere…all i gotta add is the preaching! lol…

    Congrats again!!
    Arny recently posted..A Happy Monday RE-RUN- Snow Shoes and Spankings

    • I went to a house show put on by Andy Osenga (of Caedmon’s Call). He told us it would be awkward for about 20 seconds, and then everything would be cool. That’s really the way it is with house church. Most people are nervous about stepping into a small setting like that, because we’re conditioned to go to church and be anonymous. But after a minute, everyone relaxes and you realizes everything is okay. It’s like the Cheers bar – everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

  11. Very Cool! It’s nice to see the news take a positive spin on church for once!. Usually the storys are the same ones that make most of us groan.
    Jenn recently posted..This is the struggle of mothers day

  12. Gotta get me a polymer wall system!

    Seriously, we would still be meeting at our house if we hadn’t outgrown it. And the rent we pay for the school we’re meeting at doesn’t compare to what paying for a building would. Good for you. I guess I can say I knew you before you were famous.
    katdish recently posted..Gifts

    • When I hear stories like this one, Katdish, I am impressed. Because this thing that Matt and Phil have going on probably will become large enough that they’ll have to move out of the house soon, but will still keep the same worship style.

  13. I was on the news for 4 seconds a few weeks ago when a surprise snow storm dumped 9 inches on us overnight. I had riden my bike to work the previous night for a graveyard shift and so had to trek home in the snow – which they filmed for the news. I’m a HUGE freaking deal still to this day.

  14. nope, never been on the local news.
    she googled house churches…interesting research techniques 😉
    nance recently posted..groundwork

  15. WOO HOO! Awesome job Matt!

    The times I was on TV I was always nervous because I know how stories can get edited after they get back to the station. :) These guys made you look good!
    Jason recently posted..Day 128- Witness to a resurrection

    • My first thought was that I wondered how they’d make us look, but I figured, it’s local news, not Dateline. The reporter also gave us plenty of time to prepare, rather than ambushing us with hidden cameras. And, our people are so delightfully normal, she’d have a tough time making us look weird.

  16. You look shorter on your blog.

    I can’t recall being on t.v., but I’m in the paper every year for Operation Christmas Child (and I’m mis-quoted every year…)

  17. Congrats!
    Jo_of_TSN recently posted..Finals

  18. Matt that’s great!

    Here is a good news news clip about my son – not church related – but it’s so nice to have good news reported. (And by nice I, of course, mean rare.)

    Mardra recently posted..What you can expect upon my return

  19. Very nice!

    I have been on the news several times helping out with Salvation Army Toy Drives, relief efforts, and relief supplies collection. I even made it into a local newspaper in Arizona a few years ago when a reporter found out about my story of faith over the previous few years. It was … weird, but I got to share my testimony and the gospel with a few thousand people!
    Daniel M. Klem recently posted..My church- your church- our Church

  20. I had an opportunity to be on our local news channel and I chickened out. They were looking for a Master Gardener to do a spot about spring garden chores. It was live, at 5 and 6am. That was just a bit beyond my comfort zone, and I don’t regret passing it off to a braver person!

    An amen to the reporting of GOOD news about church. When will you start televising your services? 😎

  21. Ambassadors for Christ. Excellent.
    vanilla recently posted..I Am Usually Behind the Camera

  22. Nice job, Matt!

    I had a chance at the news once. But when they found out that I WASN’T the guy with the arrow through his head, I was out.
    Steve Martin recently posted..Pastor Tullian Tchividjian

  23. Fantastic blog man! And thanks for JamieTheVWM’s guest post on my blog! :)

  24. SO cool!

    I’m impressed by the news station even running that story. My city would never.

    You did great.

    I love too that they also discussed the practical side of house church, like financial freedom. I’m encouraged. Thank you for sharing this.

    P.S. You should get your own show.
    Nicole Cottrell recently posted..If You Could Meet 3 People in Heaven

  25. I think you do House Churches proud. Good work.

  26. Very interesting!

  27. It is sure nice to see positive news about the church. Wow! Believe it or not, the Catholic Church is allowing some house churches as well, mainly for congregations that want to keep their identity as a community and not be merged into another congregation. But everything else is pretty cool – getting to make a pretty public speech, and making news reporters cry.