Meet the Authors

March 7, 2011

You know, half the stuff of this blog isn’t written by me.

But you already knew that.  Because it’s written by readers like you.

One of the things I’m proud of about this blog is that the hundreds of thousands of words I’ve written here have been matched, even outnumbered by all of you.  I have been constantly encouraged, challenged and humored by you for over two years.

Yet, with the exception of just a few of you, I have never met the kind of person who comments here.  I’ve been swapping comments, blogs and emails with some of you for two years, but we’ve never talked face to face.  Each of you has a story, a life, a struggle, a triumph that I think must be infinitely more interesting than my own.  And I want to hear them. 

I don’t know of any other bloggers that have done this, so it makes me feel more awesome than usual for thinking of it.  I think of myself as a bridge builder, and I want to meet the people that show up here each week.  I want to meet this community face to face.

I’ve recently discovered the joys of video chatting for free with Skype.  My Skype name is the same as my Twitter handle: MattTCoNP.  Here’s what I want you to do.  If you’re not on Skype, sign up.  It’s free.  You just need a webcam, and those are super cheap.  If you are on Skype, tell me your screen name so I can find you, and you add me to your contact list. 

Then, let’s chat!  I’ve got time on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.  Pick a time, and I’ll be there.  If you’ve got friends that read this blog too, let’s have a group chat.  That would be fun.  I’m on Central time, so don’t confuse me.

Here’s what you can expect if you Skype with me:

I will ask you about your life, home, family, job, and/or church. 

You may ask me about anything you are curious about.  I will give humorous anecdotes about my life, but your expectations for the humorousness and quality of said anecdotes should not be too high.  If you request it, I will offer you advice on a variety of topics including blogging, church, being awesome, hygiene, and what you should cook for dinner.

I will be fully dressed.  I may be wearing a velvet smoking jacket with an ascot and slippers and drinking fine champagne, but I will be dressed.

You will also be fully dressed, and remain as such at all times.

If you’ve got something heavy in your life you need to talk or pray about, we can do that.  If you just want to chit chat, that’s great too.  If you want to argue with me about something, bring it on.

You may be surprised that I’m not very photogenic.  In real life, I’m a ten.  Like Daniel Craig handsome.  But the camera adds ten pounds of ugly.  My voice may also annoy you.  If this is true, keep it to yourself.

We will talk for about twenty minutes.  There will be no obligation for you to Skype with me again.  We will remain low-maintanence internet friends if you wish.

I know this isn’t for everyone.  The internet affords a nice level of privacy and anonymity, and I know most of you won’t take me up on the offer.  Honestly, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if just one of you actually wants to talk to me. 

But if you’re up for it, leave a comment or send me an email (, tell me your screenname, and I’ll look forward to talking to you.

28 responses to Meet the Authors

  1. Well, I love the idea, but you are GMT-6 and I am GMT+10, so….that makes it currently Monday 20.12 here and Monday 03.12 there, hmmmmm. I’m 17 hours ahead of you, and ….. I can’t figure out the math.

    Hope you get lots of interest. (Oh, and it would be Wed, Frid and Sat for me). :)

  2. Hi Matt,
    Sounds as though you’re launching into a full-time job here. I appreciate the energy you’re putting into this, but, alas, I have to pass. I’m just not enough of a computer person to do such high tech things. I can cut and I can paste, but that’s about it.

    I do hope you plan to continue your regular blog postings; I’m a fan who checks your site often and reads the many fascinating comments.

    Besides, your standards are just too high. Bambi doesn’t insist I stay dressed when I visit her website.

    Errr… is that another of my inappropriate jokes?

    John Cowart

  3. Matt,

    I love this idea! I’m in Britain so I don’t know how we’d have to work it out in order to speak – I tend to be free Tuesday evenings (so I guess about 8pm GB time, like 2pm your time) or Friday most of the day.

    Anyway, I’m tjcarlisle87 so do feel free to add me. This sounds fun.
    Tom recently posted..– sunday music- aftermath

  4. I admire your enthusiasm and appreciate the effort to contact your “community” on a more personal level. For myself, though, I am Skypeless, and shall remain so. Spouse says I spend too much time on the ‘net as it is. Best to you in this endeavor.
    vanilla recently posted..Health Takes Priority

  5. I’d be game, but have no webcam. Alas. Such is life.
    David N. recently posted..Adoption Week Narrative 10- Embassy Day

  6. I wonder if Skype works well on my iPhone. I’d have to set up an account. If so, maybe I’ll hit you up on Friday around 12pm central time.
    Charlie Chang recently posted..268 Defining naiveté

  7. Whatever happened to hiding behind the keyboard? The real me is well – more confident in well thought out and edited responses. It sure does sound like a hoot, so I will send you my Skype via email. I have only used it a few times with the child units. I am GMT-5 so it is only an hour.

    I have to say over the years I have met quit few folks after an online introduction, and it is always the accent that shocks me. Did you know that Tony C sounds just like Elvis Presley on the phone. Maybe you should post a normal video of you telling a joke or two to get us warmed up to the idea. 😉
    David recently posted..Conversion Stories- Congregational Church to Charismatic Episcopalian

  8. We B in the same zone of the time, homey. I sent a request via Skype.

  9. While I am introverted by nature, I always enjoy chatting with someone interesting. Since I read everything you post, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, now could I?

    Sending you my Skype ID…

  10. I love your trust and openness to connect. Your wife knows about this, right?

  11. Love the idea and thank you for the invitation! It’s kind of intimidating, but what isn’t? I figure why not, you’ve already given me free stuff! I have a Skype account, but haven’t used it. And my schedule is pretty packed. I’ll look at it though and carve out some time. I’ll email you.

  12. We already have each other on skype, just need to get on at the same time.

  13. Great idea Matt. I love getting to know my community as well and just happened to do an interview with everyone who reads my site this week! I enjoy your stuff as well. You can find me back on Twitter @ClayMorganPA. Take care.
    (By the way, I just showed your Best History Class Ever video to my Western Civ 2 class last week).
    Clay Morgan recently posted..An Interview With…YOU!

  14. Good concept. I have been reading through these comments and it is really cool that we are from all sorts of different locations. Can I get a rain check? Other than work e-mail, I am planning on going offline for Lent.

  15. Got the web cam, just can’t figure out how to get it going. I have “pen-pals” (what would you really call them; keyboard-pals?) in England and now Honduras, so I would really like to get this figured out!

    I have a request into my neighbor to help on the webcam, so I shall contact you soon someday. Just don’t expect me to clean my house for this, punk!

  16. Just sent you a contact request. Hope to see you on Thursday!
    Sonny Lemmons recently posted..Looking Up Cleansed- Not Looking Down Crushed

  17. Very cool Matt ! i’m South Africa (+2 GMT) and need someone to confirm the time math for me but i think its about 8 hours difference. will drop you a mail. lekker !
    kleinfrans recently Hell real