Christmas Recovery

December 27, 2010


Okay, I’m still recovering from Christmas.  I just did a marathon of visiting across the state, fueled by a combination of sugary Christmas crap…and meat…so much meat.  I did try to pace myself on my Christmas eating.  Although I continued eating even after my stomach had completely filled, I did stop before my esophagus completely filled up.  Once you eat so much that the food doesn’t go anywhere when you swallow, it’s not pretty.  Nevertheless, I have put on enough weight that the keys on my keyboard are no longer big enough for my fingers.  I’ve ordered a special typing wand from Amazon to help me out.

I’m sure you’re still recovering from the stupor of Christmas churching and visiting and gifting and eating.  I’m starting out the week light with a selection of excellent Christmas blogging for your perusal.  Consider this your blogging bloody mary to help you recover, wake up, and get back in the swing of things.  I promise I’ll be back on Wednesday with some blogging of my own, for realsies…

First up, last year I finished the Christmas season by sharing a letter from Santa from my blogging friend, Kathy.  It is the most excellent letter a child has ever recieved from Santa.  You have to read it in its entirety here

“Now as to your question of whether or not I am real. The simple answer is yes, I am. The complete answer requires a bit more complicated explanation…I would also like to clear up a little rumor about me that has been going around since before I can remember. It is not true that only good boys and girls get presents from Santa. There are many very good children that get very little; there are others who have been very naughty indeed, yet get lots of toys…”

Next up is the very best Christmas letter I have ever read from Stacy and her family.  My wife and I copied this letter verbatim, changing the names, and sent it out to our closer friends.  Hilarious.  Read it all here

“We had all four seasons this year. In the winter it was cold for the most part. Some days it snowed. We would look outside and say, “Look. Snow.” We enjoyed saying this. Then we had spring. Some days it was warmer, other days it was not. Then summer came. When it was hot we would come inside. When we did this we might have a cold drink or say, “It’s hot today.” But we did not say that every day, just some days. Then it was Fall. We had colder weather. The leaves came off the trees. “Look”, we said. “Leaves.””

Finally, the story of really the worst Christmas pageant ever, from Hyperbole and a Half.  Finding the church’s pagaent a letdown, Allie sets out to give Jesus a proper pageant, but finds her family’s acting skills and motivation also lacking severely.  Check it out here

In the meantime, how did your Christmas turn out?  Was it as good (or as bad) as you had anticipated?  Have you rid yourselves of the relatives, or are you still running the Christmas marathon?

11 responses to Christmas Recovery

  1. Christmas was excellent this year. I took off Wednesday early and had off until today. I’m working from home today and then have off tomorrow. Pretty much just hung out with family on Saturday and Sunday and had great food.

    I got a lot of goodies, money, pjs, and organic coffee. It was truly a festivus for the rest of us!

  2. Man, it’s been a good season. Aside from working all morning on base doing snow removal and missing a chance for church, I’ve had a good run of it. Great meals, great presents, and my kids came to Christ! Truly, my car could fall apart and it would still be great (here’s hoping that my car doesn’t fall apart!)!
    Dan Smith recently posted..Maldives and Persecuted Christians

  3. For me, every Christmas is going to be half joyous/half depressing. When you’re divorced and get the kids for half of Christmas day you either A) get the joy of Christmas morning and the kids excited to get presents but have to drive them to the exchange and then spend hours driving home alone or B) wake up Christmas morning to the kids not being there but know later in the day you’ll have them with you. This year was the A option and of the two I think it’s the better scenario.
    Jason recently posted..2010 in review- Top 5 Pete Wilson Sermons

  4. Mostly a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend it with one of our daughters and her husband, and that was great. But then we missed our other daughter and her husband, and that was sad. But then there’s Skype, so that was great. But another relative is still not speaking to me even tho I’ve tried to resolve the issue (still not sure what that issue even is), and that’s sad. But they’re coming later this week and I hope we can work things out, and that is hopefully wonderful. And I made some presents that came out really well and made people happy, so that was exciting. And I actually got BOTH the flock of chickens (for a needy family through Partners International) AND the macro lens I’ve been wanting for ages–win-win! Heading out to take some photos…

  5. I’ve decided that the reason that Christmas is so hard for us in some ways is that our lives are so good every day that it is hard to top. Christmas is suppose to be the penultimate day of the year. To us it is about the same as every other day (except we don’t have to work). It is hard to top what is already at a peak.

    There is little in our lives we really need, and not a whole lot we really want. (What we want most, a child, is not something some one can wrap up and give to us!)

    So, my goal is to remember this and hang on to the knowledge of how good we really have it.

    We celebrated with my ILs Christmas Eve, and a late service at the church where my hubby and i were married. Then we came home Christmas Day and had friends in. Lovely Christmas all around.
    Kathryn recently posted..Its the Day Before the Night Before Christmas

  6. We had a great Christmas. It was plenty of activity but not exhausting (and we didn’t have to travel anywhere). Glad you had a (meaty) good Christmas yourself, Matt.
    jasonS recently posted..Love and God- Inseparable

  7. It was great. Day was broken up into 3 acts.

    Act I: My immediate family. A+ Kids loved everything we gave them. Lots of smiles, hugs, thank yous, and laughter. Wife had a ball.

    Act II: InLaws. B- Probably my fault it is not higher. I am an only child. My wife’s family is huge. I was having sensory overload/claustrophobia in an 1,800 sq ft. house with 33 people (14 under the age of 10). Loud. Laughter. Some tension.

    Act III: My parents. Solid B+. Good meal. Quiet. Gifts we needed. Parents donated some $$$ to our Ducks and Chickens we are buying from WorldVision. Relaxing time.

    AND it SNOWED IN ALABAMA on Christmas!! Cannot beat that!
    Lazarus recently posted..Please Stop Hatin!!!

  8. *yawn* I am just getting up here ins Boston.

    Well, it was all good. Gifts, good! My wife got me a sculpture of the Archangel Micheal kicking Satan’s butt! And you can’t beat a pile of gift cards for Best Buy. Food excellent – just finished the left over roast beef! No reverse peristalsis either. Family and kids all good. My wife’s long lost brother showed up and made for a few smiles. Snow was good – just a few inches, but very nice.

    Jesus was amazing – but you can read about the on my blog.
    David recently posted..2010 Reviewed in Bumper Stickers – Theres No Better Way to Say It!

  9. I tell guests, “The song says ‘There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays’ so why don’t you all go home”!