Best of Everything 2010

December 6, 2010

Hey, it’s almost the end of the year, and that means one thing to me.

Rating a bunch of stuff that happened over the last twelve months.

Nothing like crunching the numbers, and debating the ratings of all kinds of fun stuff that has entertained us over the year.  Today’s post is super easy.  I’m going to rate the best of the last year, and you can chime in too.  It’s been a great year for all kinds of stuff.  Let’s see what stood out in my world.

Best Movie

It wasn’t a great year of movies for me.  There were only a few contenders, including Inception and Shutter Island.  But the top of the short stack for me was The Book of Eli, which came out in JanuaryIt’s just…delicious.  Post apocalyptic wasteland? Check.  Denzel Washington being a handsome gunslinger/ninja, protecting the last remaining Bible on Earth? Check.  Gary Oldman being…well, Gary Oldman? Double check.  Memorable twists and allegories that make a great movie?  Aces.

Most Disappointing Movie

Alice in Wonderland.  Not even Helena Bonham Carter’s extra bulbous head can save this movie.  How can a film that looks so visually striking turn out so boring?  This movie actually makes Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory look like fun, and that movie made the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory look amazing.  So that’s what we’re dealing with here. 

Best Books

Unlike movies, 2010 was a good year for books for me.  Not all of these were necessarily released in 2010.  I just read them in 2010.  I stumbled on The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat while looking for another book, and was engrossed in some of the strangest unsolved cases of mental disorders.  Rachel Held Evans released Evolving in Monkey Town, and Jon Acuff released Stuff Christians Likeone of the highlights being my name among the acknowledgements.  I also interviewed Bruce Shieman for his memorable book An Atheist Defends Religion, and Jason Boyett about O Me of Little FaithI’d tell you to go right out and buy Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw, but you can get all of his stories for free from his website.  Score.

Best Month

June 2010 conclusively kicked such insane numbers of colons that July had to have an emergency colonoscopy.  December is really going to have to step it up if it wants to unseat June.

Best Worship Music

At Catalyst, I heard Gungor sing Beautiful Things, a band and song that I had never heard.  At first, the irregular tempo and lyrics made me cringe, but by the end of the song, I was cringing in delight.  Obtain this album by any means necessary, even if that entails clubbing a leprechaun in the street to get a copy…which hopefully, it will.

Best Country

America.  Maybe you thought Germany or China would take the prize this year.  But, yeah right.  Now, we may not have the best economy, best industry, best health, best currency, best weather, best food, best art, best health, or best hygiene, but America is greater than the sum of its parts.  So we win.

Best of My Blog

My personal favorite post on my blog (and judging from your reactions, one of yours too) came this summer, my post on the real meaning of taking God’s name in vain,  A Really %*#@ Great Bl*g Post.

The post that surprised me the most with the insane number of reactions was about yoga and Christians, At Least You’ll Be Really Relaxed…in Hell.

And my most surprisingly controversial post was about how sex scandals in the church affect all of us, The End of Men.

Top Commentor

Ever since I ditched the pit of despair that is Intense Debate, you have been deprived of knowing who are the most frequent commentors.  However, I still hold the key to this secret.  David, you are my top commentor, with 214 comments and running since April 2010.  No one else is even close.  I salute you, good sir, for your mighty levels of dedication and commenting stamina!

And I’m not making calls on best sports teams or athletes, because those don’t matter…So, tell us about your favorite books, music, movies and blogs of the year.

26 responses to Best of Everything 2010

  1. we should make this post more grand and refer to your favourites and recognitions as awards….like the “No-Churchies” or something like that. i was going to call them “Dundies” but that’s used somewhere. “Matties” is kinda catchy, but to me they sound like really big napkins.

  2. So this is how one gets an early comment… get up earlier! Good to know! (Psst… Tim… Is “bloggies” taken?)

    Best book for me this year, hands down, was Spindle’s End. It also was a personal discovery this year, not a new book in 2010. I can’t possibly comment on anything else because I don’t get out much. (Although I’m hoping the new Narnia movie is darned good.)

    June was a good month for me, too.
    Su recently posted..Coming Soon

  3. Well, it’s been an interesting year:
    Fav Movie: Toy Story 3
    Worst Movie: The Expendables
    Fav Book: Continuing the Reformation by Bill Nissen
    Fav Country: US except for MA. I apologize to my fellow Americans for sending Barney Frank back to Congress.
    Fav Matt Blog: Americans Have it Pretty Rough
    Matt’s Made Me Cringe Blog: I Need This and This and This… in particular the animal presents.
    Best Worship: The up and coming Jeremy Nicolet. Keep you ears open for that CD next year.
    Best Month: October was awesome!
    Fav Historical Event: The election of Scott Brown to the Senate in the bluest state.

    I am feeling a little like a stalker with that many comments… or maybe a co-writer. 😉

    Kudos to you for a interesting and engaging blog. Thanks for making me think, chuckle and know Jesus a little better.
    David recently posted..Culture Clash – Merry Christmas-Holiday Tree Muddle

    • Hey, I forgot about that post on souvenirs. Thanks for the reminder, David! Finding a “lucky” pouch made out of a kangaroo’s gonads was pretty sweet. Thanks for always contributing thoughtfully and helping me write a better blog for it.

  4. Favorite books – Ignore everybody and 39 other keys to creativity and a million miles in a thousand years” was awesome too.

    Music – Black Mages. This is going to sound really White and Nerdy but they remake Final Fantasy video game music into like rock. It’s wonderful.

    Movies – Best movie for me was Social Network. I loved it.
    Worst movie was Karate Kid. That movie sucked terrible donkey balls. I didn’t think it was possible for something to both, suck and blow. But it did.

    Blogs of the year – SCL Serious Wednesdays are awesome. I really enjoyed your Doubt month. It was good encouragement.

    Now I have to beat David in the commenting!
    Jonathan Chang recently posted..241 Being a grasshopper

  5. Eh. Real commenters know the issue is quality…not quantity. :)

    It’s funny…I can’t remember a single movie I saw in the theater this year. What’s that say about the quality of most films? I’m sure I went to one but I can’t remember it. The last movie I remember seeing was over a year ago and that was Paranormal Activity. (The first one.)

    Favorite book: The Bishop by Steven James.

    Best worship music: John Mark McMillan’s “The Medicine.” I was so sick of “How He Loves” by the time I got it I wasn’t sure I’d like it. But it’s good. Really good.

    Blog: Michael Perkins’ “Untitled.”
    Jason recently posted..Grease might be the word

  6. Yeah, “Alice in Wonderland” was a huge letdown. Tim Burton spent so much time trying to be dark and edgy that he forgot to tell a story.
    Travis Mamone recently posted..Monday Morning Awesomeness- 12-6-10

  7. Best movie for me was Inception. It inspired me to preach a sermon within a sermon within a sermon. Everyone liked it, but no one knew why.
    seekingpastor recently posted..I’m Not With The Band

  8. Book: Ed Underwood’s two: Reborn to be Wild and When God Breaks Your Heart. A close 3rd would be The Hole In Our Gospel.

    Movie: Didn’t go to the movie theatre but once to see “The Expendables.” Saw Eli at home. My favorite is still watching CARS with my grandson.

    Music: Anything loud i.e. Pillar, Stryper, Creed and Alterbridge. If I have to be “religious” I would have to say Awake by North Point. I also liked some songs on the Catalyst CD.

    Blog: Serving Strong, Soufari, Journey to Beloved, and a whole bunch of others that I learn from (yours counts). :)
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..Feeling Insignificant

  9. Blog should be Soulfari
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..God is Great God is Good

  10. I’ll just at that your best post was “Let’s Not Be Thankful”! I think it was an awesome reminder for those of us here in the best country that we are all the “rich young rulers” now!

    Thanks for doing what you are doing! Keep it up!
    Brad Aldrich recently posted..The Guys Gift Guide to Rock Your Wifes World

  11. Most disappointing: The ecru-type-on-black-background presentation of one of my favorite blogs. (You know who you are.)

    Everyone’s a critic. Apologies, and Merry Christmas!
    vanilla recently posted..Never Forget

  12. Best Book: Same Kind Of Different As Me

    Best Movie: Book Of Eli most likely…kind of hard to judge as I have watched a lot of good movies this year.

    Best Blog: Always my wifes blog, though this one would be best new blog for me.
    Jason recently posted..My Weekly Update Via Twitter for 2010-12-05

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