What to Do on Labor Day

September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

To my international readers who do not celebrate Labor Day, I apologize.  Today is a hallowed day for Americans when we celebrate the indominable Puritan work ethic that made our country great…by sleeping in and pretending to be unemployed.  Of course, when you look at it that way, every day has been Labor Day for something like half the country for quite some time now.

I’m doing my part for the economy by camping this weekend, and not blogging too hard.  But I haven’t left you totally high and dry.  With many blogs on vacation today, you may suddenly find yourself with an extra fifteen minutes and nothing to do.  Well, I’ve compiled a list of ten very useful things you can do with your fifteen minutes of non-blog-reading time.

Create / update / exaggerate the Wikipedia page dedicated to yourself.

Google yourself.  See if you’ve turned up in any unexpected places you don’t remember being, like an episode of Sesame Street.

Google your children.  Don’t forget to check Google Images.  Warm up that spanking arm so you don’t strain yourself.

Watch “Superhumans” on History Channel.  When you see a blind guy riding his bike through a parking garage and not hitting anything, you’ll thank me.

While I don’t intend to take part, apparently acid washing jeans is back, and it’s not meant to be ironic.  Also, you can find a fine selection of vintage Reebok Pumps on Ebay, Pepsi Throwback at the grocery store, and VH1 on cable.

Many parents are nervous about giving “the talk” to their kids.  Practice giving the talk to yourself in front of your bathroom mirror.  Don’t forget, eye contact, jokes, and hand gestures make a speaker seem more natural than nervous tics.

Guys, there’s probably dozens of honey-dos your wives have been asking you to finish for months, so I don’t know why you think you need suggestions of things to do.

Finish those inventions / novels / short films / macrame projects / Chinese leftovers you’ve been working on.

Go outside…and…look at stuff…I guess.  Is that what you do outside?

Purchase plane ticket to Europe, brush up on your “French with a horrible American accent” while on plane, rent a scooter, ride scooter to fancy Paris drinking establishment, order a Budweiser. 

I’ll be back on Wednesday.  As always, thank you for reading, commenting, encouraging and challenging me.  What are you doing for Labor Day (or your next day off?)

13 responses to What to Do on Labor Day

  1. I was a sinner Matt. I labored yesterday (I preached and also cut grass) so I could have today off. I will be saying “See you later” to my children and grandson who came to visit, hopefully go for a bike ride, maybe take a nap, probably go out to eat for supper with my bride, and….(I will leave that alone). Hope you had a good time away.

  2. We’ll be taking our dog to the park after we go out for breakfast, perhaps go miniature golfing since we stink at regular golf and it takes us forever, reading and enjoying another day off before returning to work.

  3. I suppose I am one of those poor working souls you refer to as “internationals”.

    So today I am working hard to keep the global economy going while you American slackers sit at home and play on google.

    Have a great Labour Day.


  4. I live in Germany and posted a post from a contributor today. I didn’t realize it was a holiday until after the post went out.

    Since moving here I have be uninformed about current US holidays, politics and oil spills.

    Have a great holiday.

  5. I have copied and pasted this post, then deleted everything except the honey-do list part and forwarded it to DH. I wanted to make sure he didn’t start embellishing his Wikipedia page and I have a macramé project from 1978 that lingers, perhaps because I’d rather be outside looking at stuff.

    And a pleasant Labor Day to you, Matt!

  6. I shall be working today like I do every Monday. Alas my employer is not closed on Labor Day. :( But hey, it’s time and a half. :)

  7. I need to be cleaning my house but instead I’m catching up on blogs. And now that I’ve read this post, I’m thinking about all the unfinished projects I could be doing instead of cleaning house.

    Maybe I’ll just go outside and look at stuff.

  8. I am thinking that it should be called Labor-less Day and that wives with “lists” should be kept in th dark about it.

    Wrote a couple of blogs, did a few honey-do’s and then we’re off to welcome home a friend from his 3rd tour in Iraq.

    Happy Labor Day



  9. Matt,

    Today, I have been fighting sinuses and three children in an effort to write something, anything that might resemble a blog. I’m not even halfway finished yet. Guess there are no days off with kids.

    I can add one more thing to do. Take 15 minutes and read your Bible. I’ve even made it easy with my two new baby projects. You can read Proverbs each month at Proverbs For the Revival


    Or do a semi-annual study of Psalms at Psalms For the Revival


    The Proverbs feed is in its second month, so it now has a companion devotional, well at least through Chapter 6. Each day in September, I’ll be adding more.

  10. My University doesn’t believe in labor day. I think it has to do with farming or something. Farmer’s don’t get labor day off, so neither do we, students at what used to be an “Agriculture and Mechancial” College (it’s not Ag. and Mech. anymore, but we keep the A&M, they just don’t stand for anything). We always have class on labor day. Sad. haha OH well. 😛

    I don’t get a day off until the day after Thanksgiving. No clue what I’ll be doing then.

  11. Monday is our usual “day off”, but I almost always spend it writing a blog or two, or since I teach on Tuesdays, I’m often making sure I’m ready for that. Yesterday was no different, except I got 3 blogs done and had a planning meeting for an event only a few weeks away. It was one of those days that started with, “Without your help God, there’s no way I can make it.” He is so faithful!

  12. dang, what happened to your thumb? i was gonna wish you ‘get well’ ! or something like that :)