Honk if You Care

September 29, 2010

September is almost up, and that means our campaign to provide water to African communities is almost over. 

Although we didn’t make $30 grand, I’m still very proud of the work we’ve done.  Twenty-nine other bloggers have promoted this campaign, sold and auctioned off valuable items and just generally put their hearts into this.  There are hundreds of human beings who will have clean water to drink because of us, and I think that’s worth celebrating.  I always hope that this blog is worth something.  I know it’s worth something to me, and I’m encouraged all the time by people who write in and comment.  But water for people who need it is a very tangible result of our small corner of blog community.

If you haven’t checked out our campaign, please do so today and help us provide water to as many people as possible before time runs out.

Just so you know, I’m really pumped about what’s going down over the next month here on the blog.  I’ll be interviewing at least one author, hopefully two, and yes free stuff is in the cards for you, the readers.  One of them I can’t even believe agreed to an interview with little old me.  This one’s way out of my league.  I’m also reaching my two year anniversary as a blogger, and I’m going to be spending a few posts talking about this hobby that so many of us enjoy.

I am increasingly inspired lately when people tell me what they are passionate about.  For the last month, my focus has been water.  A few months ago, my focus was getting my Dad to Sudan.  But the people in my church live all over my city, and they all have their little passions, their neighborhoods, the ministries they are doing outside of church.  From renovating apartments for low income people, to organizing food drives, to giving showers to homeless people, to even raising the kids, everyone’s got something they love.

And we do so many of these things knowing that we are the ones who care the most about it.  Whenever my youth group would have a car wash fundraiser, we had a giant sign by the road, which I would jump out from behind and flail my arms in the air as a group of cars was passing.  It was my way of getting attention without wearing a two piece swimsuit.  The sign said, “Car Wash.  Honk if you care.”  We got a lot of honks, but not a lot of cars to wash.  People didn’t care that much.

But today, I want to care about what you care about.  I want to hear from you today.  What is your passion?  What is the totally awesome person, ministry, or community that is driving you today?

15 responses to Honk if You Care

  1. I have two passions. One is more justice related and the other is heart related.

    Adoption – James 1:27 tells us what “true” religion is. I have a heart for taking care of orphans and widows. More than just feeding or clothing, my heart is to see the body of Christ lead the way to local adoption. Children don’t need charity, they need a family. The same goes for widows, single moms and battered women.

    Identity – I’m passionate about seeing people walk in their identity in Christ. I want to see self-esteem issues thrown out the window. We don’t need more or less of it. We just need to know who we are in Christ. When we know who we are, we can walk in confidence and true humility. Not false humility where were try to look good without taking credit for it, or on the other hand strive so hard to do works to gain the Father’s approval.

    So yeah, those are my two passions in a nut shell. Thanks for what you do Matt. Praying for the water project!

  2. I’m really excited about my campus ministry. I just took over the secretary role. We are located on a large, culturally diverse campus. Our group has members from a diverse range of churches- everything from Pentecostals to Presbyterians. We work hard to reach non-Christians with the gospel and to equip Christians to do ministry and evangelism. Lots of cool stuff has been happening. People have become Christians, international students who’d never heard of Jesus in their home countries have been reading the bible with some of our members and we’ve had some fruitful discussion/debate with members of the campus queer community. Also seeing Christians get to know the bible better, grow spiritually and get excited about reaching out.

  3. Passion? That’s my middle name. (actually it’s Steele, but that’s a little lame)

    -The Kingdom: I want to see every believer know what God wants them to do, and be loved, discipled, mentored, parented and pastored into their destiny. So many Christians are not really sure what God wants them to do; they secretly hope to hear from Him. It is the theme of my blog, my new church and in my home.

    -Community Needs: I have had seasons where I worked feeding the poor, working with addicts, watching kids for working moms, fostering, and being a neighbor. Right now, I am participating in my daughter’s Spanish speaking school waiting to meet folks which God has set divine appointments with.

    -Cancer: I hate cancer. I make it a habit to adopt folks that are going through the process and pray for them and communicate daily. A friend who was healed of cancer funded this site. http://www.prayerforcancer.com

    Everyone can participate in ministry by praying, giving or doing.

  4. For the past 2 years my wife and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan (daveramsey.com), learning about money and getting out of debt.

    Right now that is my passion. I’ve talked with the associate pastor at my church to teach his financial peace university so we’ll see how that goes.

    I think if Christians got a hold of their finances and didn’t owe anybody anything, we could really rock this world. Maybe even put the Gov’t out of business :)



    Reaching the Non-Christian Church Member.

    I am extremely burdened by the reality that so many in our congregations are not truly Born Again. Being in the Deep South (Bible Belt), 90% of the people you run into have recited the Sinner’s Prayer at some point, and are now relying on that little list of man-made words to get to heaven. The thought of my fellow small group members, elders in the church, regular attendees…even, dare I say it, our pastoral staff dying and hearing “Depart from me. I never knew you” haunts me. I shared this with my small group Sunday evening, and they were pretty taken aback by my passion and that I would talk to THEM so forcefully about it.

    How do I go about this to reach more people?? I am not sure. But I know GOD hasn’t lit this fire in me for me to just stay quiet.

    • Dang, man. That is a heavy burden. It reminds me of the minister who felt sent to Utah to preach to what he felt was the “most unchurched” state in the country, being heavily Mormon.

    • lazarus,preach the whole gospel in truth and god will add to you those being saved as the day of penticost.easy way to spot imposters is if they are a charity and the goverment backs them they cannot be of god as all goverment is under the power of satan and would not back the gospel being preached in truth with the power of god .amen come lord jesus

  6. I’m passionate about my family, and particularly those in my family who don’t know Jesus…yet.

    And I’m passionate about showing people that when God calls any of us to singleness, it’s okay. It’s not a condition to be cured, or a situation to be fixed. It’s a life – and a calling – to be embraced.

  7. As a ministry, I am passionate about prayer in general and Random Acts of Prayer specifically. God told me it was the most effective way a stay-at-home mom with four kids could participate in His kingdom work. Random Acts of Prayer is when God tells you to pray for someone that you don’t know wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Grocery stores so far seem to be His favorite place, or maybe it is just because I spend so much time there (smile). Most awesome prayer was when I was in London with my kids and my husband on a trip, and God arranged to have my wallet stolen so that I could be at a subway (Underground) platform and start talking to a woman originally from Lybia. She told me about her friend in the hospital who was going to have heart surgery the next day with a 50% prognosis of success. My kids and I prayed for her and her friend’s peace and healing before we got off the subway. Two days later, God arranged to have us run into each other in the subway so I could find out that He had answered all my prayers for her friend and I was able to tell her that Jesus was the reason a complete stranger would pray for someone. FYI, my wallet was later returned and this happened at a time when I was very discouraged about praying because of some really tough prayers being given a “no”. God is S-O-O-O good!

    • The definition of Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Love it.

  8. Passion equals reaching the religious Jewish people in our neighborhood. God has put us here, not of our own doing, but His, and as they walk by our home almost daily, we get a chance to pray for them and ask God to remove the veil from their hearts. This is a forgotten group of people who are very dear to the Father. How awesome it will be when we see them come into the Kingdom!