Friday Blast: Free Stuff, Chuck Norris, and Me

September 17, 2010

What a week.

Another big week of blogging behind us, and the world has yet to fail to provide us with lots to talk about.

But today’s post, for lack of a better word, is a blast.  I’ve literally got a stack of miscellaneous stuff I want to share with you.  Things that have been occupying my time, people I’ve been learning from, inspired by, or who’ve just made my day.  Hey, you may even win some free stuff today!  Here’s what’s on my mind these days…

Amateur Hour is a great place that brings together some of the sharpest thinkers, pastors and leaders in the church today.  For some reason which I cannot imagine, they’re featuring me in a discussion about the fate of denominations that went live yesterday.  For real, they’ve got me paired up with Ed Stetzer, who’s just completely out of my league.  If you want to see me bring an amateur hour vibe like a late night karaoke contest, click on over there.  You may recognize the first part of my contribution from a post here a couple of months ago, but a good deal of it is fresh content.


I’ve always got a stack of books on my desk waiting to be read, and lately Leonard Sweet’s new book, Nudge has been at the top of the stack. 

Many of you agreed with my post, Actually, I’d Rather Not Tell You About Jesus, that the way we typically do evangelism is pretty lousy, and yet we all feel guilty for not telling more people about Jesus.  Leonard Sweet feels your pain, with a much more subtle and human approach to evangelism, which is why I presume the title is Nudge, and not Shove, Yell, Protest, or Make Everyone at the Party Really Uncomfortable.  Sweet talks about how God can actually be detected with our five senses, if we are just tuned in.  The book is divided into chapters about seeing, tasting, hearing, touching and breathing Jesus.  It’s also about how God is very active in our world, and how evangelism is simply “awakening each other to a God who’s already there.”  The whole package is couched in stories that might make you excited to share Jesus again.

This is a great book.  In fact, it’s good enough that I’ve got an extra copy to give away.  Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win a free copy!  I’ve also got a secret bonus prize for another commenter today too!

Chuck Norris doesn’t write books.  The words assemble themselves out of fear.

And on the complete opposite end of the spectrum…

You may have heard of the collective blog Throw Mountains.  Among other people, it’s made up of Sarah Cunningham and Renee Johnson, who are both very different than me, in that they are both actual writers with published books, Picking Dandelions, and Faith Book of Jesus respectively.  This week, they made my day by sending me a copy of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, autographed by the man’s burly fist himself (left). 

This book is written by the real Chuck Norris.  It’s a compilation of stories from his life, words of Chuck branded wisdom (called Chuck’s Code), and Chuck’s own favorite facts about himself which he’s collected from all over the world, including one written on a portable toilet in Iraq.  It’s not a provacative book, but it’s fun to get inside Chuck Norris’ head, from a safe distance, and find out about his honest Christian values and genuine accomplishments.  It might make a good gift for a graduate, or someone whose chops need to be busted with a roundhouse kick.  Plus, this book is manly.  It’s definately the manliest book you’ve ever read.  The picture of Chuck’s face on the front cover is growing an actual beard.  When thrown at someone’s face, the book will actually sprout a fist and punch them in the mouth.  This book is so manly that even its sentences don’t have periods.

And Now for Something A Lot Less Manly: Metrosexual Ebay Auction

Wes Molebash is a great artist, and he’s one of our partners to raise money for Charity: Water this month.  Fans of Stuff Christians Like will know him as the creator of Zakk, the Metrosexual Worship Leader.  Zakk helped Jon Acuff raise money for schools in Vietnam, and now Zakk’s got new life by helping us raise money for water…by auctioning himself.  Check out the eBay auction (which ends Sunday) and place a bid on the most metrosexual art that money can buy.

I Want to Meet You!

Finally, if you’re going to the Catalyst Conference in a few weeks, I want to meet you.  Brad Ruggles always sets up a great Blogger’s Meetup, and it’s a highlight of Catalyst to me.  Go check it out and reserve your spot.  I wish I could crowd into an awkwardly posed self shot photo with all of you.

That’s what’s occupying my mind and extra time these days.  What are you spending your time on?  Who are you learning from or being inspired by.  What are you looking forward to?  Be sure to leave a comment if you like free stuff!

47 responses to Friday Blast: Free Stuff, Chuck Norris, and Me

  1. I’m hoping one day someone will make Zakk tshirts. Wearing a shirt with a picture of a metrosexual would be the ultimate ironic metro style statement.

  2. See, I read this and realize why I want to attend something like Catalyst. Forget the inspired worship and the speakers who will help lead me into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I’m missing the blogger meet-up. Absolutely criminal.

    Some day, baby. Some day…

    • Is it wrong that I felt the same way? Why do these things always have to be either half-way across the country or all the way across?

  3. I’m looking forward to winning a copy of “Nudge”. 😉

  4. Had a blast
    It was tres Sweet
    We the cast
    Karaoke on
    In metro ease

  5. If I don’t win a copy of Nudge, I’ll definitely want to check it out and own a copy eventually. The quote about awakening is that good, and I want to read the book it comes from so I can quote it without feeling guilty for quoting something I haven’t read. Either way, I’d like to check it out. Thanks for mentioning it.

  6. Nudge sounds great. Hope the conference goes great for you.

  7. I like free stuff. That Sweet book sounds… sweet.

    I’m looking forward to the first weekend of October… getting together with some friends and strangers to go to Michigan for the weekend. A friend will be leading this retreat that incorporates different old school spiritual practices our evangelical churches don’t typical touch today, for fear of being thought too Eastern or whatever. Looking quite forward to the time away from the city.

  8. Lately, I’ve been reading “Stop Acting Rich” by Dr. Thomas Stanley. It’s about living a frugal life so you can have money (like millions) when you retire and so you can give freely. And my next book is by Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stoneyfield farm organic food, on how to make money and take care of the planet.

    As far as writing, I started writing a Zombie tale. It’s a hoot so far.

    I’m looking forward to this year’s NHL season. It’s also my first year doing Fantasy NHL too.

  9. I want to win a book. Or something else.

  10. I’ll have to check out Nudge. I like the concept. And I’ll come back later to see you spar with Ed Setzer. I’m a big fan of his too, so that should be interesting.

  11. that book sounds awesome – its certainly going on my to-read list

  12. Too….much….for just one comment. That Chuck stuff is great, and not even the best thing in today’s blast.

  13. I love me some metrosexual worship leaders, I used to live with one.

  14. Leonard Sweet is one of my favorite authors, so this is a shameless plea for a free book. Thank you.

  15. Matt – I’ve noticed on a couple of occasions you’ve written it definately when it’s spelled definitely – no “a” anywhere in there. Just a helpful hint. (now give me free stuff!)

  16. Matt,
    Thanks for the blog. I love reading your stuff.

  17. I didn’t know there were facts about Chuck Norris. I thought it was all fiction that was scared into becoming a fact.

  18. Someday I’ll go to Catalyst. Someday… *sniff*

  19. Awesome. Chuck Norris is awesome. I don’t even care that I disagree with him politically… he’s friggin’ Chuck Norris!

  20. Been a lurker & a twitter follower. The book “Nudge” looks awesome.

    My husband and I have been feeling a call to living simpler lives so we’ve been getting rid of lots of excess stuff. It hadn’t really occurred to me until I saw your post on this book that we seem to be trying to make more room/time/space for God.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  21. “Nudge” sounds great. Thanks for the info.

    Catalyst… if only.

  22. I’m interested in the book…need to go pray about winning it

  23. Things I’ve been enjoying:

    -The first couple of weeks of the NFL (Who dat!) and learning how to play in a fantasy draft

    -The book “April 1865” by Jay Winik. I was never interested in the Civil War until I started reading this. Only halfway through, the section on Lee and Grant were excellent

    -Blogging again. Mine is called “Jesus Likes Quirky People” and it’s been nice to be able to do that on a regular basis again. (The link is, for anyone interested)

    That “Nudge” book sounds interesting! I used to be one of those youth-groupers who felt really guilty over not sharing my faith enough. I’ve changed over time and still am wondering the best ways to share the Gospel with people.

  24. When Chuck Norris does push ups he does not push himself up, he pushes the earth down!

    If I win the book I will make sure to drop down a review and link back to here on my own blog. Not bribing or anything…

  25. I suppose I could actually answer your questions, instead of just wishing for something that won’t be happening anytime soon. Ha!

    Right now, I am spending my time on getting my marriage off to a great start. My wife and I are adjusting to married life pretty darn well, I think, and we’re having a blast getting used to a schedule that doesn’t involve me going to school and the both of us coming home to each other and spending evenings together like a normal couple.

    As for what I’m looking forward to, I’ve got a lot coming up at church. I’m on the marketing committee now, which is a lot of fun. My wife and I are also on the planning committee for Disciple Now this year. Also, our awesome small group Bible Study started up again this week after taking the summer off, so I’m looking forward to every Thursday night for the next several months. :-)

  26. I will miss the blogging meet up. That sounds like a great time! I am now leaving a comment…LEAVING.

  27. I have nothing of value to share. I just want to enter to win a book. I’m all about a book I don’t have to pay for or return after three weeks.

  28. I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve faithfully read every post–your blog is too good to miss! You’ve managed to lure me out of my lurking with the free book possibility.

    I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately, especially over the growing dissatisfaction so many of us have with the state of the Church in the US. Your posts have contributed substantially to my thinking. I’m sure it will eventually gel and come pouring out in a post on my own blog.

    Meanwhile, we have a steady stream of house guests keeping me busy. I guess that’s what we get for living in a vacation spot like Colorado Springs and having a spare bedroom. Good thing I like them all!

  29. I just finished ‘Outlive you Life’ and I’m about to start ‘Transforming Church in Rural America”. What time isn’t occupied with work, or my 3 year old is spent sleeping.

    Can’t make it to Catalyst, but any Christian bloggers attending SXSW…

  30. I saw Nudge at the bookstore while I was browsing the other day and it looks interesting. Definitely adding it to my list.

    Have a great time at Catalyst hanging out with People from the Internet and other things you do at blogger’s meetups!

  31. Chuck Norris wrote a book??!! I want it. Just so my family can continue to tease me :) But it would be an awesome read. Going to check it out…..Bye…

  32. Chuck Norris cringes when I walk in the room, the wimp…
    But I’d like to win his book anyhow.
    If I do, maybe he’d read one of mine.

  33. Lately I’ve been packing my house because we’re moving. That’s pretty much been occupying all of my mind and time. But we have to be done by next Wednesday morning, because we’re leaving for vacation then and that’s weekend is when our new renters move into our old place. After our week of vacation, we have a week of “homelessness” before closing on our new place.

    This is a very exciting time for me because I’ve got THE most boring testimony in the world (minister’s kid, raised in the church, saved at 8, no real life change, gradual progress all my life with a few mis-steps and plateaus…don’t get me wrong, God’s done amazing things, but I’m no drug addict, prostitute, drunk, or professional athlete) prior to being able to claim that God took me from homelessness to a beautiful 5-br house, all in a week!

    Name it an claim it, baby!

    (just kidding!)

  34. There is a fun pub in Scotland that is Chuck Norris themed. You go in, there are lines about Norris on the walls. When I visited a friend studying there, we went every night I was in town. Good cider, cheap food during happy hour, and amusing decor. And it is called Tron. Pretty cool.

  35. “Even his sentences don’t have periods”


  36. Just a nudge to pick me! Book sounds great.

  37. Well, I got married and got back from my honeymoon about a week ago! So that’s what’s going on with me!

  38. their is no mention of jesus in this blogg .lots of plugs for the thoughts of some tv thug and other carismagic meetings and merchandise .america you have lost touch with the head of the church who is jesus.and have moved to peddling the gospel like some cheap merchandise.turn back and let christ heal you.amen come lord jesus