That’s a Lot of First Days

August 30, 2010

Life is full of first days.

Today is my first day at my new teaching job.  I’m pretty pumped about it, and I’m remembering what it was like for me as a kid to go through all those first days of school.  I can remember a lot of them.  It was always a mix of nervousness and excitement and dread and school lunch.  Getting new school supplies was always fun.  There was always one kid who was so excited to get new glue, he’d be snacking on it before lunchtime.

Since today I’m experiencing another first day, it got me thinking about all the other first days I’ve had in my life.

First Day of Kindergarten

All right, that was a pretty exciting morning of coloring.  I’m not sure why we’re laying on the blankets we brought right now.  Nap time?  How about some more recess?  This kid next to me smells weird.  How can I be expected to nap next to this guy?  I had a full day of kindergarten, but when you took out nap time, three recesses, lunch, snack, bathroom breaks, and taking attendance, I think we had about 15 minutes of school.

First Day in Our New House

Moving to a new house is always fun.  My brother and I quickly found that the closet under the stairs was perfect for trapping each other inside in the dark.  To be fair, I think he wanted to be trapped in there.

First Day of Middle School

My ears are bleeding!  I didn’t know there were that many four letter words!  Ah, public school has its many benefits.

First Day as a Paperboy

Wow!  Papers are heavy.  This was a terrible idea.  Mom, can you drive while we throw papers out the car window?

First Day on the Job

I started my first non-paperboy job ready to ride all the way to the top of the company.  It took me longer than most teenagers to realize that as a sixteen-year-old, I was not going to be promoted, and thus could give my job approximately 15% of the effort I was currently giving it, and still get paid the same $5.15 wage. 

First Day of College

My first college was a Baptist school, and I showed up a week early for “Welcome Week.”  For three days, I thought my parents had mistakenly left me at a church camp, complete with weird counselors and crafts.  Some kids even cried at the end of the week.

First Day in the New Apartment

My roommate was not going to show up for a couple of weeks, so I worked solo to arrange my two things.  Then I realized I was in a strange and somewhat dangerous part of town, no one on my hallway spoke non-broken English, it was now 9 pm, and I had no food.  So I drove around cluelessly until the friendly glowing KFC bucket came into view like an oasis…an oasis with steel bars on the pick up window. 

First Day as a Married Man

Wow, I am drained from that wedding ceremony.  What’s that?  Our plane leaves at 4 am, and it’s a ten hour flight?  Geez, being married is a lot of work.

First Day Writing a Blog

This is a dumb idea.  I’ll probably quit this in a week. 

Wednesday, will be another first day for me, and I’ll be telling you all about it, so don’t miss it!  Tell us about a first day you remember, first day in school, in a new city, at your job, as a parent, at your church, whatever!  What was the best (or worst) first day of your life?

14 responses to That’s a Lot of First Days

  1. Strange but true: it has rained every first day at a new school (As a student in K-12 and college, and as a teacher) for me.

    In fact, when I woke up to rain, I knew all was right in the world (First day of graduate school).

  2. Hah let us know how it goes!

  3. First day as a new mom: Terrifying, frustrating and exhausting. And while I immediately fell in love with my first born, I was a little miffed no one had told me how overwhelming it would be.

  4. Thanks for the memories…

    I only remember a little about my 1st day in Kindergarten – I still have lunch with a couple of kids that were in the class of 1964.

    I have some negative firsts – thank God they ended with a “last.”

    My first live guitar performance.

    I remember the first day I got saved back in July of 1978 – still makes me cry.

    Our wedding day was wonderful – it was my first time to say that I was sorry to my new wife.

    First day as a new dad. Love that, and done it a few times. But coming home to a condo that was once neat and quiet, that was a real change.

    First day of college for the daughter. Meeting their first boyfriends. The firearms license makes a strong statement about the behavior I expect from them.

    Putting kids on the bus for the first time. Whatever their age, it is sort of special. I guess it’s because I have a picture my mom took with me and my Flipper (the dolphin) lunch box. Sorry mom, I didn’t turn out to be a marine biologist.

    There are some things that you only get one chance to do in life. Bury your dad and mom. I am glad there is one chance.

    I had some spiritual firsts too. The first time I prayed for a sick person and they got healed. The first sermon. The first mission trip; getting off the plane in Brazil. The first experience with demons. The power of God… it still amazes me today.

  5. First day as a mom of TWO kids in my home, by myself (enough qualifiers there?).

    We got home from the hospital with our newborn son and my in-laws brought my 2 year old daughter back from their house. My mom was coming down later to help, but I had a few hours in the house alone before she got there.

    Honestly, within about 10 minutes of my daughter getting home, she grabbed her little potty chair and dragged it into the living room and took a dump (which was an ordeal, because apparently she held it for the 2 days prior, so she was constipated). At the same moment, my son started WAILING to be fed. So I’m sitting there trying to figure out if I should be helping my daughter poo or if I should be nursing my newborn — both kids absolutely screaming and me thinking I must be the most ill-equipped person ever to have more than one child.

    Two more kids later and I’ve fully embraced that idea.

  6. The worst…by a HUGE margin…is the first day living without my sons. After my wife said she wasn’t happy and wanted out of the marriage, I knew divorce was imminent but I didn’t realize the impact of not having my boys there.

    That first morning I woke up in my new apartment alone I wanted to die. Seriously. I wanted to kill myself because the pain was so intense. Not seeing my son’s smiling face and the love that radiated from him every morning. Waking up to silence. Waking up to walk around and realize I was completely alone.

    • Wow. Some days i think i hurt so much because of the little ones that will never be born & the emptiness in our home. But that pales in the idea of having a family & then waking up to them no longer being there, a life without them.

      I’m so sorry. I hope it has gotten a little better.

    • I’ve been there. 10 years later the girls decided to come live with me. I am still sad about all the mornings I didn’t put them on the bus even though I live a mile away.

      I am sorry for you sadness, Jason.

  7. Best first day: Each morning I wake up to a new day. God is good!

    Blessings and good luck on the new job.

  8. Good luck on the new job!

    I had a paper route once. My mom got tired of driving us around after an entire Michigan winter of it, so when spring came, it was time to ride our bikes. My brother was busy, so I went alone. I put all the papers in my bag, got on my bike, pedaled two full rotations, and fell over on my paper bag. It weighed almost as much as me.

  9. One of my favorite first days was my first day of freedom, after leaving a job I hated… Waking up, and realizing that it was not only a beautiful day, but that I never had to return to that office was a wonderful feeling! I think I walked around with a ridiculously huge grin for about two weeks after that 😀

  10. I don’t remember kindergarten well at all. I remember my first day of 4th grade – we had just moved, my mother had just gotten re-married, and I was starting a new school, a school which didn’t have real walls. I was nervous. I didn’t make any friends. I hated my teachers. Yeah, great first day – not. Oh well.

    I remember the first day of 6th grade vividly as well. I was about 3 days and 40 minutes late (my mother couldn’t decide if she wanted me at the private or the public school – she picked the private one on the 2nd day of class, but I had to take the test and get “accepted”; I just happend to get there 40 minutes late on MY first day). The kids all thought it was strange that I was coming on the 3rd day and not from another State. I mostly remember Bible class though – I’d never read a Bible. The teacher said to open to some chapter, some verse. I had no clue how. I flipped through the pages trying not to look like an idiot…some kids noticed I probably had no clue and helped me out though (thank goodness).

    First day of High School was exciting, but nerve-racking. I switched back to public school and it was a HUGE school. I thought I’d get lost. I didn’t though.

    First day of 10th grade was same school, new building. I thought I’d get lost there too and didn’t want to look like a freshman – stupid thinking though, we were all in a new place, not just me. lol. First day of 11th grade was kind of the same b/c we switched buildings again, sort of. But, I knew this building well, so I wasn’t getting lost – I was excited about being an upperclassman who knew what she was doing. First day of 12th grade, I was excited it was my last year in High School.

    First day of college, I got to sleep in until noon and I thought that was AWESOME. I found my first class easily, but got lost going to the 2nd, which was not far away at all (ha, oops). The first class was Chemistry with this crazy hippie professor wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I wasn’t really sure what I’d signed myself up for! LOL

    Other firsts…hm…I don’t know – first days of new schools/places are usually the ones that stick out the most. I don’t really remember my otehr first days in college – except today, because my memory isn’t THAT bad! That’d be terrible. Today was my first day of my last fall semester in my undergraduate career. It went pretty well, I think.

  11. First day you hit triple digit visits for your blog?

    Seriously though, good luck on the new job.