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July 16, 2010

Wow, I mailed out a lot of free stuff this week.

I’ve been offering free souvenirs to my readers for about a year, and this week alone I mailed out as much stuff as I did during the entire year.  I sent stuff to Australia, Canada, and Germany this week.  A band called Into the Ocean requested a big stack of stickers to hand out at their shows, which is pretty swell.  That means I’ve got just about the best readers in the all of blog-land, the kind of readers who will let a random guy send them free stuff to wear and hand out to their friends.  Thank you for being so cool.

Remember, email me at before tomorrow to ask for free stickers and pins, and you’ll be entered to win a free t-shirt.

Today, I want to hear from you, my intelligent and handsome readers.  Three times a week, I tell you what I think about the world, and I try to make it amazing every time.  But a lot of you have blogs too, and I need some new reading inspiration.  So I want to know about a blog post you’ve written lately that you’re especially proud of.  Tell me about the best blog you ever wrote (and include a link!)

And those of you who don’t have blogs (or you think your blog just stinks too much to plug it here), tell about the best blog post you’ve read recently – the post that made you cry or laugh or adopt an orphan before you saved it in your favorites folder and mass emailed it to all of your friends.

Tell you what I’ll do.  Everyone who shares today, you’re also entered to win a free Church of No People t-shirt.  Man, I’m awesome. 

Even better, the winner will get a Church of No People t-shirt, that I’ve already worn.  Then, you can look and smell like me, which just might be sensory overload for your significant other.  Okay, I won’t do that…or will I?

So let’s hear it – the best blog post you’ve written or read.

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  1. Hmmm. There’s the one I had co-wrote for Stuff Christians Like last week

    On my own blog, I still quite like this one It is about boycotting stores at Christmas but I think is relevant to many of the ways we Christians approach mainstream society.

  2. i have a blog, but i’m not a writer so it’s not great so i won’t link it.

    anyway, i have really been enjoying the Lucy posts on Donald Miller’s blog. His dog Lucy has been guest posting for him…

  3. This one was inspired by my husband. I was pretty happy with it.

  4. Thanks for the invitation to blow our own horns… this is an older post, but I was just thinking of this story the other day when I heard the song on the radio. I hope the story touches you and gives you some things to think about.

    I really enjoy your blog, btw.

  5. Self-promotion is difficult for me, but as Gene Fowler said, “He who tooteth not his own horn, lo, the same shall not be tooted.” Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I am not sure it’s my best ever, but I am headed to Rwanda on a missions trip to train pastors on Wednesday and this post is a pretty cool “parable” to help them understand basic discipleship.

  7. Tough one and I’m my harshest critic. Limiting myself to this year, I’m going to go with everyone’s favorite topic, lust.

  8. It’s hard to say the best off all time, but in recent memory:

    Mine: What a mentally disabled, homeless woman taught me about god

    Someone elses: A different kind of christian demonstration at a gay pride parade

  9. I’d love to toot my own horn…but what I have written has not been the best I have read so I must pass to


    Dissatisfied. Amazing!

  10. Bother.

    See, I’ve been blogging for a long while and when you present a challenge like this I immediately think, ‘Sweet! I’ve got to have something awesome to share!’ And then I look back on the hundreds of posts I’ve written across my wide swath of blogging and… well… you depress me, Matt. Wait, that’s not fair: Your challenge merely encourages me to face the depressing fact that I’m not nearly as brilliant as I’d like to be.


    But I’ll put a couple out there anyway. These are ones which I’ve enjoyed:


  11. Mine is so not the best blog I have ever read, but I am proud of this post:

    This is the best post I’ve read this week:

    Toni doesn’t post often but when she does, it is always powerful.

  12. All 814 posts by Jon Acuff in his amazing blog “Stuff Christians Like”

  13. I haven’t blogged a ton recently, so when I post one I’ve done recently that I love, it’ll have to be from May.

    Recent: Making your parents cuss:

    Best ever: Why can’t church be more like camp (my very first post):

  14. This is great–I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts. Thanks so much for letting us share.

    My currently favorite post on my Compost blog is “Is God a Slot Machine?”

    My all-time favorite blog, the one I read absolutely every time anything is posted? Yours! (And no, I didn’t get paid to say this.)

  15. Well i wouldnt say this is the best post i have ever written..but i did get some amazing comments on here goes:


    This was about a sweet time of communion with the Lord – playing Frisbee!

  17. So, I made a blog so I can talk about nothing and get away with it, instead of getting totally deep and heavy. Then I wrote this post and realized that sometimes writing about nothing can turn into something awesome. Like a seemingly pointless story that opens up a sermon illustration.

  18. I had fun writing my latest post, about “The God Particle”…. A tasty mental snack, with a crunchy Religious shell and a chewy Science filling!

    Check it out if you’ve ever wondered what the heck this “Higgs Boson”/God particle is (in regular-person English!), or why those crazy scientists think they can “find God” by smashing atoms together, anyway…

    Thanks for an entertaining and thought-provoking blog, Matt!


  19. Hey, slowed down on getting articles out at my blog. Most recent important article is:
    also likely most controversial. Would love thoughts and comments r/t that article.

    Really the most important article of the past year has been:

    If you never read another word I have written, read that article.

  20. Wow – lots of good blogs here!

    Well, I have over 500 – so I put together a list of my Greatest Hits (top read) including Christian, Humor, Political and and my regular rants about church.

    A lot of folks like my series on the Top 10 Stupidest Things Christians Do.

  21. Matt, I love to write about faith, Jesus, and like you, have a little fun. This my personal favorite.

  22. Only about a dozen posts. Only when I think I have something to say….

  23. This is actually a guest post I wrote on Katdish’s site, and it’s meant to be the prologue to a book I’m working on. I have written a bit more on my site as well, and plan to continue to do so until I get my entire story written. (It will take a while.)

  24. I wrote a post on love a few days ago after I found out a good friend’s marriage was going through a real rough patch:

  25. This one produced a lot of emotion for me, so I guess I’ll pick it as my fave post:

  26. I really like your blog and Stuff Christians Like as a whole, but my all time favorite blog post is about the Greek phrase “legomai ego” (My favorite learning-Greek joke):

    My favorite post from my own blog is this one about Orthodoxy by Chesterton:
    I also really enjoyed writing about St. Paul’s Cathedral:

  27. I’ve written others more recently, but this one is kind of an epitome of the thoughts that go through my head as well as a bit of the topic I’m most passionate about.

  28. It’s been fun reading through the commenters’ blogs!

    My blog has two “voices,” a narrative/text one and a webcomic/graphic one. Here are a couple links to some recent “good” ones of mine.

  29. thanks for he stuff to germany 😀 can’t wait.
    my shameless blog plug:

  30. I ramble and babble alot…..some people seem to like it. Here is a pretty good one regarding the age old debate about Christians and tattoos.

  31. i just started blogging… i’d love every one to visit!! you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll waste some time!!

  32. Absolutely love Acuff’s SCL. Don Miller is a favorite, too. Always amazing.

    As for my personal best … had a hard time picking between a few of them, but I’ve always enjoyed this one, which I wrote after playing Augusta National last spring.

  33. You like to send out free stuff like I do. I am preparing a host of talking Books and E-Books (to email and on CD). I wrote 23 books and one play over a three year period. Man trying now to find all that stuff and organize it is a hefty chore…

    I like to play them in public. (I talk a lot too and people actually are enjoying it more and more!)I did some a very deep Scriptural studies like the one where I searched the entire KJ5 to find supporting Scriptures for Matthew 5 The BE – ATTITUDES, as I like to say, told as in(I don’t like to use the word story) form. If you are interested in reading, or hearing or distributing, please email me.

  34. This is one of the best blogs I think I’ve written. It’s my blog about Catholics.


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