The Blog Giveaway is On

April 21, 2010

Okay, I had meant to do a blog giveaway last week to mark the occasion of crossing over to a new blog platform. 

And after a couple of false starts, I really have crossed over for good.  The guys over at Standard Theme, who I’m running my blog with now were super patient and helpful to me.  Thanks guys. 

So, the blog giveaway is back on.  If you commented on my blog last week when the giveaway was announced, you’re still in the running.  If you comment on today’s or Friday’s posts, retweet them, or share them on Facebook, I’ll enter your name into the contest.  Today’s post is just below this one.

What can you win?  I’ll hook you up with books from Matthew Paul Turner, John Acuff, and Francis Chan, along with music from Carlos Whittaker, and Amazon gift cards.  All for just being loyal readers!  How cool is that?

It couldn’t be any easier.  I’ll announce winners on Saturday.

23 responses to The Blog Giveaway is On

  1. Don’t look at me! The page told me to post here because it was so quiet. ;^)

  2. The new site looks great!

  3. COMMENT HERE!! I would love to win some awesome stuff! and if not-I will stick around cause I always get something good anyway!

  4. I love what you’ve done with the place!

  5. Sure. I’ll take your free stuff.

  6. Sniffle… Why are so many people leaving blogger… I feel like the only kid left on the swingset…..

    Sorta KIDDING! Congrats on your new site.

  7. Pick me!

    Now I know why I left mine at Blogspot.

  8. free is sweet.

    Stay blessed…john

  9. The site looks good, Matt!

  10. I love lamp. I mean…I love free books. Site looks great Matt. I wish I was that tech savy. I just act like I am.

  11. Free Stuff is great!

  12. Carlos Whittaker music?? Count me in!!!

  13. Yay free things from a site I like! Yayyyyy (oh gosh, I just had a CrankYankers Special Ed “Yayyy” in my mind…. ouch!)

  14. Books? Music? Yay!

  15. I’m all about being a winner.

  16. Love your blog! Really!

  17. I would love some free stuff

  18. What if we link to you from our blog? Will that get us in? :)

  19. This comment had been logged for your consideration.
    Please consider me for free books.
    I must increase my literarism.

    Awesome Post! Great Blog!

  20. Thanks for the offer!