How to Pick Out a Pastor or Con Man

It’s good to be back in Blog Land!
Yes, I just capitalized Blog Land.  And that’s copyrighted material.  I’m going to open a theme park.
After a week of no blogging, twittering or reading other blogs, I’m glad to be back.  I hope you had a great Easter week. 
Recently, I watched a video about the importance of smiling in leadership.  Great leaders smile.  That got me wondering if it was true in ministry.  So I started looking around.  It didn’t take long for me to find the most famous Christian smile in the world…
I think Joel Osteen proves the connection between having a giant smile and a giant ministry.  Seriously, I couldn’t find one picture on Google of Joel not smiling.  After bribing his dentist and acquiring Joel’s medical records (this is how I spent my weekend), I found that Joel was actually born with six extra teeth, leaving him with the painful disability of not being able to stop smiling.  Well, it paid off. 

Let’s start the week with a little game.  Let’s see which famous pastors and Christian leaders you can recognize just by their big toothy smiles.  I bet you’ll surprise yourself. 

Oh, but let’s make it a little more interesting.  I’ve also mixed in the smiles of some of the most notorious white collar criminals.  Let’s see if you can pick them out too.  Don’t let them fool you!  Ready?…

Pastor or Con Man?


Take a guess.  Who do you think this is?
If you guessed…

Pat Robertson,
you’re correct!
It’s obvious that Pat has worked hard at keeping his pearly whites in tip top shape.  A great smile can make up for a variety of really weird comments over the course of a thirty year career.
Who’s next?
Who could this be?  Could this be the smile of a beloved man of God?
If you guessed…
Bernie Madoff,
you’re right!
Far from being a beloved pastor, Bernie Madoff basically ripped off everyone in America.  But you could tell that already, right?  That little smirk is taking him nowhere.  Maybe he’ll turn to Jesus in prison, but I won’t believe it until a see a big shiny smile that tells me he’s got the joy joy joy joy down in his heart.
Okay, next!
Winning smile.  Perfectly aligned teeth.  Is applying lipstick a spiritual gift?
If you guessed…
Joyce Meyer,
you’re absolutely right!
Once again, a smile that could be on a book cover…or fifty.
Keep going!  Who’s this?
Uh-oh…no teeth!  Smart little grin!
If you guessed…
Kenneth Lay,
you’re a genius!
If there’s one thing I learned in my advanced Phrenology class, it’s how to recognize a criminal.  When I saw this guy smile, I immediately got rid of all my Enron stock before this guy could sink the ship.
Okay, one more…
Hmmm…this one is puzzling…
Well, if you guessed…
Rick Warren,
then you’re an expert!
Rick is the exception to the rule.  I hear his personal philosophy is that he views showing his teeth as a sign of weakness.  He does have that very friendly goatee going for him though, so a big toothy smile might be overload…
Or maybe he’s the exception that proves the rule…?
Who were you able to recognize?  What other pastors have extremely recognizable smiles that took them to the top of their game?
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One Response to “How to Pick Out a Pastor or Con Man”

  1. Michael April 12, 2010 at 1:43 pm #

    Yes, I suppose Rick Warren “could” be the exception…..

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