Housewarming Contest! Win Some Cool Prizes

April 12, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Well, over the weekend, I switched blog platforms.  Gone is the dusty old Blogger platform.  Gone is the super-slow Intense Debate comment system.  I’m looking forward to a much speedier and better experience for you and myself.

Things still look a little un-moved into.  Everything is still packed up in boxes.  It’ll take some time to get everything the way I like.  But I’m really happy with the Standard Theme that John Saddington has put together (who, if you don’t know him, has two blogs on Church Relevance’s top 100.)  Kyle Reed has also been a huge help to me and other much more high-profile bloggers in getting everything running.

Now, normally when someone moves into a new place, he throws a housewarming party, and everyone shows up and gives him housewarming gifts, like potted plants, or a honey-baked ham.  But because I’m awesome, I’ve decided you are the ones who can win some prizes.  This week, I’ll be giving away T-shirts and other Church of No People prizes, as well as books by Jon Acuff, Matthew Paul Turner, and Francis Chan, music by Carlos Whittaker, and Amazon gift cards, (which you could use to buy a houseplant or ham!)

The giveaway is an incentive for you to make sure your blog readers, links and bookmarks are updated with the correct (non address.  (Most of you won’t notice, but super old school followers will have to make a change.)

To enter the contest

Make sure your blog reader, and everything else is updated with this blog’s address so you don’t get left behind. 

Leave a comment on this post saying “I’m a very satisfied reader of The Church of No People.”  Or something to that effect.  Maybe you would rather say, “I hate this blog, now where’s my free stuff?”  Whatever, just comment.

And / Or…

Twitter the following:  The Church of No People has moved!  Come visit @MattTCoNP and win cool prizes! 

Commenting and tweeting count as two entries!

The more people comment, tweet, and subscribe, the more prizes I’ll hand out, so you have a good chance at winning something!

 You’ve got all week to enter.  I’ll announce winners on Friday.

66 responses to Housewarming Contest! Win Some Cool Prizes

  1. I’m liking what I see so far. Can’t wait until you’ve unpacked all the boxes. :)

  2. “I’m a very satisfied reader of The Church of No People. Or something to that effect”… oh, wait…

  3. OOO. Standard theme. I also run it on my blog :)

    I’m not seeing all the pictures (but that is probably cause the firewall here has been set up by Nazi’s).

    I’d tweet this post as well but those selfsame Nazi’s have blocked twitter :(

  4. Butbutbut… I was climbing up the Top 20 Posters charts so nicely! Having said that, it’s nice to ditch Intense Debate, so I can actually read comments on my iPhone. Sometimes it would read the JavaScript, and other times not.

    Also interesting to note that Ron Godwin’ed this thread in the third post. In all of the annals of the Internet, I don’t think a housewarming blog post has had Nazis mentioned in the comments, much less only three posts in. ;^)

    • Sorry to take away your commenting accomplishments. But you’re still awesome in my book. I really didn’t want to get rid of ID, but it was just too darn slow and problematic. I picked Standard Theme because Saddington is a stickler for efficiency and speed.

  5. I love Church of No People, yada, yada. Gimme a book.

  6. Happy housewarming!

  7. Happy new site! Just add some nice curtains and a few throw pillows and you’ll be all set!

  8. Oh! And I tweeted about your move before I even knew it was part of a giveaway. Do I get double points for that?

  9. Hey! Congratulations on the new blog. It’s always fun to test drive a new layout…

  10. Nice. Lovin’ the new blog addy! Did you remember to give the Post Office your forwarding address? Would hate for your old blog addy to read your mail.

  11. Awesome! Loving the new design, fellow Standard theme user! :) Look forward to the more awesomeness to come.

  12. Happy housewarming from a new reader.

  13. Oh, clean and shiny! Me likey! If you know me at all, you know I’m not arriving with honey-baked ham. Tofurkey, maybe. Give SCL to someone else because I already have it (and it’s FUNNY). I’m such a giver.

  14. Tandemingtroll April 12, 2010 at 8:18 am

    Nice job. My internet bookmark didn’t skip a beat to your new home. Neither did my link to your site on my blog. However, I already own SCL and Hear No Evil, so if you could make sure I don’t win any of THOSE, I would appreciate it. Does the new blog format mean that mean I have a chance to become one of your “big commentors?” :-). Keep up the good work!

  15. Pick me, pick me! I’ll miss ID – now I’ll have to find another reason to reboot my PC.

  16. Okay this shows up weird. Seeing how not an oldschooler and always used tconp url, I do not anticipate a problem.

    This comment section can be a bit confusing as it is all white space for forum lines.

  17. Congrats on the move. Looks good.

  18. congrats on the new blog home!

  19. I absolutely, positively cannot stand this blog in any way. I certainly don’t come back and read it on a regular basis. I refuse to find any worthwhile content that can help change the way people look at their lives and the world.

    I also won’t be congratulating you on your new blog home nor saying it looks really good.

  20. Looking good man.
    I am a subscriber

  21. Liking the new digs – had to cruise over from my Google Reader to get the full effect. I’m always game for some free stuff!

  22. I’m a faithful reader, I think I derserve a prize :)

  23. I pretty sure I deserve a prize too for my faithful readership.

  24. I approve of this product and/or service in all it’s new glory.

  25. Looks good! Faster loading I noticed too.

    Bringing your picture back as well?

  26. “I’m a very satisfied reader of The Church of No People.” Or something to that effect.

    Actually, I am feeling very abandoned with all these people leaving blogger. What do you people have against free webbage? Okay, so I don’t know the right word… Anyways, l like free stuff. Which means you should feel free to give me something.

    • Yes, I’m not sure if i should feel uncool for staying at blogger

      • Blogger seems to have made some changes that make posting more difficult instead of better, but I am thinking that it is just me needing to get the hang of it.

        Don’t feel uncool for liking free things! :-) Free is good!

  27. Awesome…

  28. I am a very satisfied as reader of The Church of No People. I agree with the poster who said they feel abandoned with all the people leaving blogger. I feel like I’m one of a dying breed, but I don’t get nearly the blog traffic so I’m happy where I am :)

  29. I’m a subscriber. keep up the good work

  30. I left blogger about a year and a half ago for my personal and for three work related blogs… It seems Blogger just isn’t keeping pace with changes as web 2.0 develops.

    “If you ain’t first, you’re last”- Ricky Bobby

  31. So I just found this sight not too long ago via a mention on Stuff Christians Like if I remember correctly haha (or Jesus Needs New PR)…..And I have to say that I love it. Great insight…I enjoy reading your blog!

  32. not surprisingly, a very nice place you have here….best of luck.

  33. Wow! It looks great! You have quite an eye for color/graphic coordination!

    Nor for some humility:

    I read you in Google Reader. I will likely never see the site again.

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t want free stuff!

  34. I like the new format! I have you at the top of my igoogle page. I also want free stuff. :)

  35. Yours is the only blog I manage to read every time you post something new. Heck, I don’t even read over my own blogs (typos? what typos?)! I’d be happy to share one of my many potted plants. Are you coming through Colorado any time soon?

  36. Google reader automatically followed your move, but I updated the settings to the new URL just for good measure.

  37. Do I get extra points for admitting that I read you BEFORE I read SCL? No? Well, it was worth a shot…

    Happy housewarming, btw! :)

  38. Sweet new dig, Matt. As far as I can tell, the RSS feed is still the same, so no moving troubles from my end!

  39. I tweeted it, and now I’m leaving a nice comment. Where’s my free stuff?!?
    Seriously though, great blog. It’s always a good read.

  40. Congrats on the move!

    I’m a very satisfied 😉

  41. Love your blog! 😀 And the changes look great, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  42. Love the blog, I faithfully read every morning at work, but my workplace needs to update our IE (currently 6.0) because I can’t comment until late at night during my “free time”. By then I miss all the prime first page spots.

  43. Thank you for inviting us into your new home!

    I’ve updated the link from our website (you’re on our ‘Blogs & Games’ page) & look forward to watching you ‘unpack’ the site.

    Keep up the good work!

  44. Yay!!! I love your blog. Thanks for putting forward the time to entertain the world! Oh, and I dig the new diggs.

  45. I always really enjoy reading this blog. It gets me thinking about some things that I never think about. And other things that I have thought of and definitely agree with.

  46. Love the new digs!

  47. Cool new pad you got here. Consider me entered!

  48. Matthew Richards April 13, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    I’m one of your international readers – England no less! Great blog, great words, great humo(u)r. Now, where’s my free stuff? :)

  49. How about facebooking? Any extra points for putting your blog on our facebook page?

  50. ok, so i’ll give an audio book tip for a chance to win.. fair trade, right? the “stuff christians like” book is a free (legal) download over at just saying. and its pretty good (could use some dramatic pauses, though).

  51. Yo, where da free stuff at?!
    Ahem, I mean I love this site and it’s better than cheesecake… well, maybe coconut cream pie.

  52. I checked to make sure the url was correct on the blogs I follow and it is, but the feed isn’t updating. Do I get stuff anyway? I really want the stuff. =D

  53. Lookin snazzy. Count me in.