Guest Blogging on Stuff Christians Like Today

January 8, 2010

Hey everyone, I’m guest blogging today at Stuff Christians Like, so come join me there!

What did I write about for SCL this time?  A while back, I got to meet someone who’s a blogging hero to a lot of us, and the author of SCL, Jon Acuff and, yes, I wrote all about it.  You can see us posing together in the totally authentic, non-photoshopped photo on the left. 
A lot of preparation goes into meeting one of the big names in Christian blogging, and I want to help you with your aspirations to meet him as well.  Maybe you don’t know how you would break the ice with him. What you would do if Jon was in danger and needed your help?  Perhaps you’re struggling with personal doubts that he is even real.  Well, I’ve got you covered on all that and more.  Go read my how-to guide on meeting Jon Acuff.

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Thanks for reading!