Christmas Family Game Night

December 28, 2009
Hey everyone!  I hope you had a great Christmas.  It was a good holiday, here at my house with my wife, Cheri.
Sure, the snow canceled some plans.  We got stuck in the snow at the end of our driveway for an hour while trying to see the family on Christmas morning.  Then we got stuck in it again when we came back home.  Cheri and I spent our snow day watching the old Christmas specials we hadn’t seen in decades.  We laughed out loud at “Muppet Family Christmas.”  I’m pretty sure our Christmas cards next year are going to have Animal on them yelling, “Peace on Earth, gimme presents!”
Cheri and I even got in some quality, “lightly competitve” time on our Wii and a new game.  In fact, we find game time is very theraputic, and a good way to work out whatever conflicts we may be having in our marriage.  Please observe:
Just the two of us, having a sweet time playing Mario Bros.

Nudging, kicking, tickling…whatever it takes to win.  That’s how I roll.
Um…this is how I tell my wife I love her…
…It’s also how I tell my wife I won.
Taken out of context, I can see how this would look like showboating.
This is my wife being a party pooper.
She claims she lost because I was yelling at her.  Whatev.
Finally!  I have it to myself, like I wanted in the first place.
Just me, getting my game on.
Yes, that’s my game face, at all times.
I sort of don’t remember what came after this, but I do recall
Cheri humming “The Godfather” theme in my ear as I lost consciousness.
They should really put a warning on those Wii remote cords.  Something like:
WARNING:  Not for use as strangulation device on husband,
just because he’s way better than you at Mario, and always will be.
Okay, so maybe gaming isn’t going to be what keeps us together.  But it’s still better than when we play “Candy Land.”  That game is brutal.  What about you?  Does your family have game time?  What’s your favorite game?  Does it end with hugs, or bruised egos?