A Letter from Santa

December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!
As the big day will soon be here, I felt it would be appropriate to share something that truly captures the spirit of the holiday…moreso than snarking on terrible Christmas songs and whatnot, despite my incalculable talent at doing so.

I got lots of letters from Santa when I was a kid. They usually told my brother and I that we were good kids, but he also told us how we could improve in the coming year.

But nothing prepared me for the letter from Santa I read a couple of weeks ago. It’s hands down the best letter I’ve ever read from Santa. It also happened to be delivered to the home of a great blog friend, Katdish.  I’m not in the habit of re-posting stuff from other people, but this was better than anything I would be able to create.

I’m signing off for the rest of the week, until next Monday, and wanted to leave you with this:

Last year, my then 7 year old daughter began to hear rumblings at school that there was no such thing as Santa Claus, that the jolly old elf was just mom and dad putting gifts under the tree after you fell asleep.

My daughter was not ready to give up on Santa. She had some rather heated discussions with her classmates defending this wonderful elf bearing gifts and good cheer. She was so incensed that she wrote Santa the letter you see here. 

It read: “Dear Santa, I need to prove that you are real, so if you will sign here that would be great!  Love Rachel
P.S. I love Christmas!”

On Christmas morning, the letter was signed and the cookies were eaten, but Mr. Kringle also wrote this letter:

My Dearest Rachel:
Thank you so much for your letter. It was so nice of you to take the time to write me. Your mom and dad have been very proud of you and your brother this year. Even though you don’t always get along, I know that you love each other very much. Sometimes brothers and sisters just get on each other’s nerves! You are such a sweet girl. I especially love the way you are always concerned about someone else’s feelings, even when they have been unkind to you. It takes a very special person to love that way.

Now as to your question of whether or not I am real. The simple answer is yes, I am. The complete answer requires a bit more complicated explanation. There are many boys and girls of all ages that either believed in me at one time, then stopped believing, or simply have never believed in me. There are even some boys and girls that have never heard of me, if you can believe that! Rachel, what I would like you to understand is that your belief in me makes me real. For as long as your heart tells you that there is a Santa Claus, that is where I will be. For those who say I am not real, I do not exist; for those who believe, I do exist.

I would also like to clear up a little rumor about me that has been going around since before I can remember. It is not true that only good boys and girls get presents from Santa. There are many very good children that get very little; there are others who have been very naughty indeed, yet get lots of toys. The decisions about who gets what toys I must leave to their moms and dads. It is not my place to make these choices.

The truth of the matter is that none of us are truly good except for Jesus. And Christmas is about celebrating God coming to earth in the form of a little baby born in Bethlehem. There may come a day when you no longer believe in me, and I want you to know that that is okay with me. Like I said before, I exist in the hearts of those who choose to believe in me. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, has no such limitations. He is real whether you choose to believe in Him or not, and He loves all of us so very much that He left His perfect home with God so we could someday join Him there. I know I am very special to you, and I appreciate that very much. But I also know you understand that Christmas is not about me; it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus — the very best gift of all. A very Merry Christmas to you.

Love, Santa Claus

Is that cool or what? Whether you believe in Santa or not, that’s a good letter.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  The few minutes you give me each week are a great gift to me.  Those of you who keep blogs – thank you for sharing your world with us.  I hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas celebration.  I’ll see you back here in time to get ready for New Year’s – Monday December 28.

Tell me, did Santa ever say anything to you?