It’s a Big Star Studded Week!

October 5, 2009

I’m looking forward to an eventful week.

First, I will be revealing two new features on my blog sometime this week. Yes, I am taking the time now to talk it up, it’s just that big. The last several months, I have been driven to continue this blog, in large part, in order to make this big reveal. It’s very close to my heart and will provide a topic of discussion once in a while. Please make sure you don’t miss this.

But don’t get too excited. You might not think it’s that great. In fact, I’m pretty sure you won’t think it’s as great as I do. But that’s the point of blogging, right?

It’s also a big week because I’m going to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this week. It’s a pretty big deal.

While I’m there, I’ll get to meet a bunch of people I look up to; some ‘famous’ people you might say. I’m pretty excited to meet Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like. His blog was a big reason I got started blogging…I don’t know if that’s a credit to him or not. Last winter, my wife predicted that I’d meet him this year; so now, almost a year after I started blogging, I’ll meet one of my big inspirations. I’m trying to rehearse how I’ll act when I meet him. Right now, I’m thinking something like this would be appropriate…

I’m also going to the Blogger Meetup Wednesday night, which should be pretty cool. I think there’s about five bloggers that the other 95 of us are hoping to meet. I’m on the ‘C’ list. I’m like the Paulie Shore of blogging. I don’t think anyone who will be there has read my blog, or knows who invited me.

So this is a big field trip for me. I don’t get to go to lots of conferences, because I work, two jobs to be exact. I don’t get to go visit trendy churches and blog to you about how ‘amazing’ they are, and how ‘sold out’ the people are to the vision either. I just do my thing in my little corner of the world. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I’m an outsider, and I like being able to blog from an outsider’s perspective, if you haven’t noticed.

I’ll go and meet these people, and it will be cool. But they’re just people. Sure, they’re awesome people. But I always imagine that people I haven’t met are taller than me, which almost always turns out wrong. I’m 6’1″. So most people will be shorter than I imagine. They’ll turn out to just be regular people doing their thing in their own little corner, just like I’m doing. I won’t emerge at the end of three days as a famous person just because I hope I can become famous by osmosis.

I’ll come home and my wife and I will have a pretty nice little Saturday. We’re going to go to Home Depot, check out some wallpaper, some flooring. Stuff like that, maybe go to Bed Bath and Beyond, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.

Have you ever met a famous person? Did they live up to their name? Were they as tall as you imagined? Anyone else going to Catalyst? What should I do when I meet all my blogging heroes?