Do What I Say or Go To Hell!

September 14, 2009

Christians love to argue.

I think we like to argue with each other, just to take a break from arguing with non-Christians.

Christians often times like to try to ‘prove’ Christianity to non-believers. It makes so much sense! Here look at all these amazing reasons Jesus rules! Sometimes we do it out of love, sometimes we get heated and just have to vindicate ourselves.

The problem is, most of the arguments relied on by pastors and used by people are crutches that are super-lame, illogical, and don’t work.

First, you will never convince someone of the truth of Christianity. That’s something only God himself can do. But if you find yourself in an intellectual conversation about the truthiness of the Bible, please don’t say any of these things…

Five Lame Ways to Prove Christianity

The Wager
The wager Christians like to pull out with non-believers is ‘What if Christianity is true and you end up going to hell for not believing?’ Sounds solid enough, because hell is a bad place to go and seems a good motivation for turning to Jesus. Except that most people don’t like to be threatened into doing something. That’s like terrorists making a guy renounce America under threat of beheading. We all know those terrorists are lame.

Besides, basing your beliefs on what amounts to a gamble to avoid hell probably isn’t going to impress God.

God: “So why do you think you should be in heaven?”

Dead Guy: “Well, I thought there was at least a 50/50 shot of me going to hell unless I became a Christian. So it looks like I gambled correctly! Can I have my welcome basket now?”

God: “Release the hounds.”

Everyone believes in God!
Well, not everyone. Atheists for one, Buddhists for another. That’s like least a billion people right there.

Christians like to say that belief in God is in almost everyone’s heart, so to not believe in Him is arrogant and against human nature. But Christians are notorious for fudging the numbers with baptisms and church memberships, so it figures they’d gloss over a billion atheists on the planet.

Besides, this argument goes directly against what your mother said to you when all your friends were doing stupid things, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Just because a bunch of idiots do this or believe that, it doesn’t make it not stupid.

C.S. Lewis makes a great argument for God’s existence, using this method, but starts with the inherant ethics of the human heart, and then works his way to God. It’s amazing, and I suggest you read Mere Christianity.

You can’t prove God doesn’t exist.
You can’t prove He does exist.

You just fell into the trap the atheist would like to set you in, but it’s a stupid trap for both people. If we’re going on proof based on our five senses, we wouldn’t know anything! I can’t prove the existence of germs, London, or the President based on my five senses!

Just drop this one entirely. It’s lame.

Hitler was an Atheist!
Maybe. Maybe he thought he was God’s agent.

The point of bringing up Hitler, I think is to say that atheists have no morals.

Which isn’t true. Most atheists are lovely people. As I said before, C.S. Lewis says that everyone has morals, and that’s what proves God (eventually).

Atheists just have no reason for their morals. That’s something I’ll never understand. Why should I care about rain forests or Africans or free trade coffee or be a vegan if this life is all there is?

Second, plenty of terrible people have claimed to be Christians. Wouldn’t that disprove Christianity? I don’t think we want to bring up Christianity’s solid history of good deeds to prove anything.

You just need faith!
Are you a child? Do you really think there is no proof for Christ other than suspending your adult intellect and injecting that feel-good drug of praise music and prosperity gospel to help numb the pain of life?

You don’t need to tell someone they need faith. Faith is produced by God working in an unbeliever’s heart apart from their desire to have faith. It will happen whether they want it to or not. Meanwhile, stop with the lame arguments.

What are your best reasons for faith in Christ? What are some of the lamest you’ve heard?

5 responses to Do What I Say or Go To Hell!

  1. The fact that i don't believe there is a life after this one has nothing to do with the christian faith but rather that i have a degree of empathy. Its empathy that has made us work so well as a species because it makes us work together and acheive great things as a civilisation rather than as individual or small groups. Its this same empathy that makes me think that i want the rainforest up so that future generations will have a balanced climate to live in.
    Not because god tells me i should be nice or after i die he'll smite me or hatever it is god is supposed to do.

  2. also chadwick?
    "Knowledge makes people arrogant." is a rather ill thought out sentence. It does alot of other things as well, you know. I would hope that you don't put of learning just because it might have the side effect of arrogance.
    Also fair shout to loving your enemies and being at peace, but shouldn't you just do it because its in the best interests of all people? our co-humans? than because a mystic ancient force has commanded your obedience in doing so? Theres no harm in taking the initiative and taking responsibility for your own actions too.

  3. Good post. I hate the argument that says if you are an atheist you are extremely arrogant, because, in order to assert that there is no God, you would have to know everything in the universe.

    A guy I know who uses that all the time tried to explain it to me, but it just wore me out and left me with a headache.

    Love the Rich Mullins quote, katdish.

  4. I think science and God can walk hand in hand.

    God after all is creative and he created everything in heaven and earth. Science should give us faith in the unseen and lead us to the creator.

    And another thing: If Christians lived their lives like God wanted instead of using jargon then people would want to be saved.


  5. I totally agree with the idea that we, as Christians, need to live a godly life. St. Francis used to say "preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary use words." However, we are very clearly called to preach and proclaim the gospel as well. I know countless believers who use the idea of sharing the gospel through the way they live as a crutch, because sharing the gospel is otherwise awkward. I agree, it can be awkward. The beatitudes really got me thinking though, and "blessed are you when peple insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…" Matt. 5:11-12. That could totally be me, seems worth it.