This Blog Isn’t Political

August 19, 2009

This blog post is in no way political.

Except there’s a new Gallup poll. Apparently, a bunch of people in this country identify themselves as ‘conservative.’ In fact, so many label themselves in this way, that they outnumber the ‘liberals’ in every state.


Some people will ask, “Where were these guys in the last election?” Some people will ask if the study is even valid, since each person has a different definition of “conservative” and “liberal.” Maybe they should’ve studied the percentage of people who have been called “liberals” by Mark Levin. The number would be approximately 100%. If you have never heard talk show host, Mark Levin yell at you, you’d think you’re on a different planet.

My question is when did this happen? Since when do conservatives outnumber liberals?

The study goes on to report that the number of conservatives is highest since 2004.

Which tells me one thing. A bunch of people have no flipping clue what they are at all. Most Americans take politics seriously and personally, believing they’ve found their political opinions on moral principles. That, and our hard-working Dads raised us to be good conservatives/liberals, and would’ve tanned our hides if he’d found out his kid was running around with those dat-gum lee-bertarians…whatever those are. Many of us live our lives on one side of the political fence, from birth to death, and can’t imagine what it must be like to be on the other side, much less imagine actually switching sides. It’d be like switching religions!

Then there’s another group of people, the group of people who are now conservative, who seem to base what they believe not on principles or logic, but on whether or not the President is giving them the goodies they want or not. I really hope the flip-floppers are just pot-smoking hippie college kids who don’t vote anyway, and would really rather just be ‘anarchists.’*

*Anarchy is the most amateur, tired, and cliche of angst-filled teen and college kid beliefs. Yeah, they like the idea of utopia, until they realize that no utopia would include In-A-Tub, and they’re all too lazy to make utopia work anyway.

So, during the Bush years a bunch of people say, “Agh! I don’t like George W. Bush! Everything’s his fault, so I’m a liberal! Keep your laws off my body! Grrrrrr!”

And now that Obama’s President, a bunch of the same people are saying, “Well, I don’t like Barak Obama at all! I’m a conservative! Sign me up, NRA! Yeeearrghh!”

It kind of reminds me of September 12, when everyone was saying, “Terrorists! Those are bad! And I’m an American! And a Christian! Where’s the nearest church; I need to pray for America! God bless America! Play that song on the radio again! Give me that bumper sticker! We will never forget! Jeeeesus! Bleeeeargh!”

And three weeks later, all those people who believed they were Christians/Patriots felt better about themselves and the world and forgot their little God hobby.

Ah, but they shouldn’t feel bad. That’s what people have been doing all along. If the Bible wasn’t full of stories of people treating God like a little hobby…well, we’d have no Bible!

If you’re a flip-flopping hobby Christian, I highly encourage you to make your hobby a full-time occupation. With macrame or scrapbooking, you can just do it once in a while. With Jesus, it’s got to be full time to be worth it. I know, I’ve tried…all of them.

I’m curious if we’ve got any political flip-floppers out there, even though I just gave you a hard time. There are plenty of good reasons to switch sides…like realizing you were a stupid uninformed college kid! I’d rather you don’t tell us what you are, because then I’d know which of you I’d have to start loathing with the intensity of a thousand suns, despite the fact that I love you as a brother or sister in Christ. But how long have you been what you are? From birth, or since college? Do you feel strongly attached to your political leanings? Have you ever flipped sides? How hard was it to tell your parents?

Me? Life long political leanings, evaluated in college (along with faith beliefs) and strongly attached. I will die the way I was born…perfect.

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One response to This Blog Isn’t Political

  1. We are Democrats of the Democratic Party, and we are joining together in seeking reform within the Democratic Party.

    Many of our elected representatives within the Democratic Party are no longer following in the time-honored footsteps laid down by the founding fathers of our great Nation. More importantly, we as democrats see our elected representatives within the Democratic Party abandoning the values and principles as set forth within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

    Nonetheless, this is only the beginning of our problems as Democrats. The current Democratic Party leadership is tainted by corruption, and the liberals among us are supporting Socialists with their agendas based on implementing Fascist, Marxist and Communist political doctrines within our own government. These Socialists are clearly a threat to everything we hold sacred in America, and they are gaining evermore control over our Democratic Party, our Nation, and the American people.

    Despite this, we as Democrats can restore control of the Democratic Party back to the party members. All we need to do is cut off donations to the local, state, and national headquarters of the Democratic Party, and to make sure the donations are made directly to patriotic and honorable Democratic Party candidates that are not corrupt or Socialists.

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    Thank you, and God Bless America.

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