Announcing Contest Winners!

August 21, 2009
Thank you, everyone for enthusiastically participating in my first giveaway. There were lots of entries, but not so many that everyone didn’t still have a good shot at winning. I met some new readers and some long-time lurkers, so welcome! Even if you don’t win a prize today, I think you’re all winners, because, lets face it. I provide this blog for free to you three times a week. Yay! You win!
And now…

Announcing the (real) winners of the first Church of No People Contest for People Who Like Free Stuff!

Winner of one copy of A Genuine Faith:
Holly Brennan
Jeanne Damoff

Winner of thirty bucks redeemable at Chick-Fil-A
Richard Benavides

Winner of a one-of-a-kind Church of No People T-Shirt
Peter Pollock

What say you? Should we have another giveaway? I’ve got ideas of how to raise the stakes even more next time, if you want another chance. What should be given away?