A Contest For People Who Like Free Stuff

August 17, 2009

Want to win some cool, free stuff?

Well that’s just what you can do today! Today is the first official Church of No People Contest-For-People-Who-Like-Free-Stuff! I should get a job naming contests.

What can you win?

1. I like recommending books no one has read. So two people will get the best book you’ve never read. I’m giving away two copies of A Genuine Faith: Following Jesus in the 21st century. This book takes each of the four gospels and sums up what following Jesus looks like to all four authors. It was written by Rodney Reeves, a brilliant and godly man who I had the pleasure of learning from in college. Seriously, this guy’s eyes well up when he starts talking about Jesus. And he’s for real. You will enjoy this book.

2. If you’re not the ‘reading’ type, surely you’re the ‘eating’ type. One person will get a gift card for thirty bucks at Chick-Fil-A, everyone’s favorite Christian chicken sandwich! That’s enough for a family of four, or a couple to go on TWO romantic dates, or one guy with no friends to just totally gorge himself, and wonder why he has no friends.

3. And one lucky person will get a one-of-a-kind Church of No People T-Shirt! Seriously, if you win this, you and I will be the only ones to have this. I’m not making these available to everyone for a while. I’ll even up the ante: I couldn’t think of a sweet ‘ironic slogan’ for the shirt, so if you win, I’ll print whatever you want it to say! It could say “Talk churchy to me,” or, “Only awesome people allowed,” or whatever you want. It will truly be one-of-a-kind!

How do I enter?

Easy. Just comment on this post, or email me at thechurchofnopeople@gmail.com. You now have one chance to win one prize!

Bonus Points: There are a few ways to gain more than one chance at a prize:

1. If you’ve got a blog, or a Facebook profile, tell your followers about this giveaway and provide a link. Make sure I know you did that so you get credit.

2. If you’re on Twitter, tweet this message:

@MattTCoNP is having a free giveaway contest! Free food, shirts, or books could be yours! http://bit.ly/y7pNP

3. Last, you get a bonus entry for coming up with any T-shirt slogan for this blog. Doesn’t even have to be good. Just give it a try.

So, one could wind up with five chances to win any of the prizes! How awesome is that?

Why am I doing this?

1. Because I am very kind and benevolent, and I gaze with compassion upon my blog readers.

2. Because my blog readers are awesome, so this is to thank you for loyally reading and commenting.

3. Because this is, admittedly, the blog version of “pack a pew” Sunday. Just like any church that has a shameless self-promotion Sunday, the only reason people do it is for the great prizes to be had! So I’m not all that ashamed of my shamelessness. And I suspect you like free things enough to not really care either.

If I get positive response, you might be blessed with another giveaway! Now I just need to find more authors whose books need to be given away…

The contest winners will be announced Friday, August 21st!