130th Episode Spectacular!

July 17, 2009

On a fateful night about nine months ago, I sat in my room and decided to write a blog.

It wasn’t very good.

I didn’t even tell my wife I had started blogging until a month later. I was a little embarrassed. Plus I didn’t know if I’d stick with it.

I stuck with it, but 130 posts later, it’s debatable if my writing has improved at all. Let’s hope for a bit more progress over the course of the next 130 posts.

I feel like at this point in the game, I’ve got to do the ‘thank the readers’ post…which is you, and that’s better than doing a crummy ‘clip montage’ show like sitcoms do at this milemarker.

So thank you for reading and commenting!

I named this blog what I did, because I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read it. But you do for some reason, and that’s what motivates me to keep writing. I have gotten more from this little community than I have possibly contributed. Those of you who have ever posted a comment, thank you. You have made me laugh. You have called me out when I was a jerk. You’ve encouraged and challenged me. You have inspired me to write on new subjects. You have made me think twice about my opinions (before concluding that, yes, I am still right.)

You’ve helped me make my blog what it is. So if you think it’s crap, well, take a good look in the mirror, friend.

I started writing with the mindset that I wouldn’t care if I offended someone. That has changed…somewhat. There are a couple of posts that I regret having written now. I value you enough that I don’t set out to purposefully hurt you personally, unless you are a complete tool, or you have some tendency that needs to be offended.* You guys are my friends now. But I don’t know everything about you and can’t promise you won’t be offended in the future, because every day is a new and greater opportunity to be offended, especially with a guy like me who isn’t that funny to begin with. I’m always anxious to read the first couple of comments to see if people are going to just hate on or totally disagree with me that day.

*I apologize for any offense I may have caused or will continue to purposefully cause to Christians, pastors, parents, crybabies, Pharisees, emo kids, Joel Osteen, goths, fundamentalists, single college kids, teenagers, Democrats, Mark Driscoll, Jesus’ girlfriends, Baptists, vegans, Republicans, Pepsi Co., James Van Der Beek, atheists, the elderly, NASCAR fans, astronauts, sorority chicks, George Lucas, Austrailia, 50 Cent, emergents, pasty vampires, Rob Bell, nudists, Mormons, Warcraft questers, Catholics, overpaid Hollywood hacks, televangelists, Sam Walton, Jim Jones, The Muppets, Scientologists, gays, Twitter hoes, Harry Potter, people who quickly read half a blog post before misinterpreting what I say and voicing their offense, people who feel offended that I left them off this list, and Bono.**

**However, I stand by my critique of Raven Symone.

If you are a silent reader, I hope you enjoy what’s said here. But if you don’t, I hope you’ll take the next step and make public your disdain for me. You are not alone. You could probably start a Facebook group of anti-fans. Just look at the above disclaimer!

I started out with no purpose outside myself. But it didn’t take long for me to start asking God to use this blog, to challenge someone, to encourage, to break some misconceptions of Christianity, to reach someone, if only for a minute of their day, so this isn’t a completely narcissistic enterprise. I hope that’s happened. I’ll get into more ‘why’ I blog at a later time.

And if you’re a blogger, and you follow or comment here, I still try to visit as much as possible.

So if you’re a superfan, a dedicated commentor, someone with my sticker on your guitar case, a blogger with me in your blogroll, a silent reader, someone who gave me the benefit of the doubt, someone who hates my guts and just reads this to get angry, or a first time reader…

…I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do!