Make Like a Tree and Get Out of Here

June 5, 2009

Have you ever noticed how many vacations people in the Bible took?

Seriously, every other day is a feast or a festival or a week long wedding or some church potluck that gives everyone an excuse to stop working. It’s a wonder they ever got anything done. Look at how long the temple took to get built! The French look pretty leisurely with their three day work week. But the Jews, come on! They really knew how to take doing nothing seriously.

Some people find being a workaholic a cause for bragging, Christians too. Look at it this way: If God is using you so much that you can’t even take a 15 minute break, how holy does that make you? Let’s make a little comparison: This guy is constantly on the move, people are getting saved left and right. If it weren’t for his tireless efforts, the kingdom of God would definately derail. He’s doing so much stuff for God, even when it looks like he’s sleeping! Then there’s me. I’m slumped over on my couch, and I’ve just realized I ate far more fig newtons than is safe for human consumption.

Not taking time off, that goes right up there with not having a TV, or not eating meat, or not speeding, or not drinking a fifth of vodka on a weeknight, or not raising herds of farm animals illegally in an urban area. What, am I supposed to be impressed?

Boasting about not taking time off isn’t biblical, and it makes everyone else just a little bit uneasy.

For me, it’s just hard to take vacations. Like a child tiptoeing into a cold pool, I usually take a day or two to let myself unwind and actually enjoy myself without thinking of all the stuff I should be doing, which I wouldn’t accomplish anyway.

Then there’s this blog. I’ve been going at this for about six months now. It’s amazing how quickly this thing fused itself to me and became a part of my routine. Some days, it’s been easy to write, others have been difficult, and you could probably tell that. It’s hard to remember my routine without it. I’m a little afraid to give it up, even for a few days.

But in all honesty, you probably need as much of a vacation from me as I need a vacation from me. To think otherwise would be incredibly big-headed of me. So, after six long months, I am taking a short vacation. But it’s only to emulate Christ, not because I want to or anything.

I’ll be gone for a week to vacation in sunny



And then I’ll be back Monday June 15, ready to rev up the blog again.

Hey everyone? Before I go, thanks for reading. I don’t say that enough. But it’s great to have you here. Never thought that would happen. I hope I’ll see you again when I get back.

What about you? Is it tough for you to take time off? Is it because God has completely filled your schedule and He just can’t make it without you? Or do you work so hard that you just have a hard time letting go?