The Son of a Duck is a Duck

May 8, 2009

Hey everyone, I’m in between road trips this morning – on the way back from Kansas, heading over to Illinois. One funeral down, one to go. Good times!

Since time is tight today, enjoy this clip of Steven Colbert totally owning this Bible basher. It’s a few weeks old, but still good. I always liked Colbert, though I was a little suspicious of him. Turns out, he is a lifelong Catholic, went to church with Steve Carell (The Office) and is/was a Sunday School teacher. So he’s cool. That would be one Sunday School class I would actually enjoy sitting in.

And apparently, he’s got some chops as an apologist!

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What do you think? Is Jesus an elephant? What would you say to this guy if you had to sit down and have coffee with him?

Have a great weekend everyone. See you around next week!