The Seven Centers of Power

May 13, 2009

Last Thursday was the National Day of Prayer…

Did you remember to pray?

Got to admit…I did not remember. But I’ve never been surrounded by people who took it seriously, so it’s all someone else’s fault. I heard Dobson talking about it on the radio in my car last week, then forgot all about it, because I immediately fell asleep at the wheel, I got so pumped about it.

I wanted to find out what National Day of Prayer was all about. There’s a very official list of things that Christians are supposed to pray for, the so-called Seven Centers of Power: (please imagine my voice slightly echoing as you read that.)

Government – Military – Media – Business – Education – Church – Family

If we pray that God will bless all of those things in the ways I have in mind, basically America will turn into a giant invincible robot ninja with laser beam eyes and low taxes.

That would be awesome. But…

Only two of the seven Centers of Power (echo) have anything to do with Jesus! Having a huge beauracratic (though successful) government, a massive military, a successful business sector, a fair media, and strong schools in no way brings people to Jesus.

I complain a lot that Americans are soft, that they have everything, so why would they need Jesus? When life is cushy, people think they are self-sufficient. All they need is their house, their cars, their 2.3 kids, the boat, season tickets to whatever, a time-share and a fat retirement pension, and to not stab anyone along the way and things will turn out all right when they die.

Has it occurred to anyone that we need to have another Day of Prayer?

I mean a Day where we pray for things that would actually bring people to God. The Bible shows time and time again what makes people turn back to Him. Here’s a hint: he didn’t give out coffee mugs to first time visitors…

National Day of Alternative Prayer: Things Christians Maybe Should Pray For:

A Real Recession
I know we’re in a recession. I know this, because I’m trying to find a job, and it’s depressing. But really, come on. Is there some kind of national soup line that I don’t know about? Are you all selling apples and shining shoes for a nickel and going home to your shanty town? No? Then guess what? Things aren’t that bad. Maybe you lost your house. Maybe you lost half your retirement. Guess what. This is America, the land of a thousand safety nets. We need a recession that makes people actually make substantial sacrifices, like selling the family’s Wii in order to buy food. It’s all in the Bible: when people are in need, they ask God.

A Real War
All right, I know that may have struck a nerve with some of you. I know the horrors of war are just as real in Iraq right now as they ever have been. I know families have made grave sacrifices in service to our country, and I have the utmost respect for you. I’m talking about a real threat to Americans though. A war that comes to our doorstep, that makes a real threat to our freedoms. We need a war that actually makes people afraid. Like World War II. That seemed to be a pretty scary war. Biggest way the Iraq war has affected most Americans? Millions of those yellow ribbon bumper stickers. The fact that people still spend money on them proves we aren’t in a severe enough recession. It’s in the Bible too: whenever Israel lost a war and got carried off in slavery (which was all the time), they turned to God.

Real Sin
Here we go…America’s going to hell, right? This is the worst our society has ever been? Guess what. Every generation is the ‘worst’ it’s ever been. The ancient Greeks were doing things that would make us blush! The world is going to do what it’s always done no matter how hard Christians fight it. Sometimes, you can’t hang a guy – you just give him the rope and let him hang himself. That’s kind of the way it is with the world. The more Christians lobby for laws to tell people ‘Don’t do that!’ the more they’ll want to.

I prayed for ‘real sin’ to come to my town…and God sent Dane Cook. God does answer prayer!

Maybe, eventually, if we just let the world do what it does (as if we have any control), someone will realize that sin isn’t that fulfilling, or that Dane Cook isn’t funny, and a Christian will be there for him. Maybe…

Or maybe I’m just completely wrong and probably an ‘America hater.’ What do you think? What should we be praying for?