Welcome to Our New Ministry!

April 1, 2009

Greetings, friends. Grace and peace be upon you! You may know me as Matt, the author of ‘The Church of No People’ blog. I want to share with you a personal story.

I recently found myself in a crisis of faith. Nothing in my life was working, not even the church! Faith seemed to make no difference. I was bankrupt, on the verge of divorce and unemployment. Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation. In this economy, who isn‘t on the verge of homelessness?

That’s when I opened my Bible.

I turned to the book of Isaiah and was stunned by what I found. Right there, hidden in the text, was a secret message, just for me!

“Matt, I want to give you a million dollars. I want to make everyone very wealthy. Now share my message with the world.”

I couldn’t believe after all these years, I was just now finding this message from God! For the first time, I truly opened my heart and invited the Lord Jesus to come in and change my life.

That afternoon, I purchased a suit and tie and set to work. I didn’t even have money for the suit; it had to be put on credit. But that afternoon, I recieved my first donation from a dear friend in the Lord of $736.78, the exact price I paid! Three months later, my life is changed. I am the Head Elder, Prophet, and Global Pastor of The Church of New Prosperity, a worldwide ministry that has reached hundreds of millions of people with the power of Jesus Christ!

If you are finding yourself in crisis, God has not abandoned you either. I want to share with you the secrets of unlocking God’s awesome power in your life!


What’s the most common complaint people have about church?

“It isn’t relevant?” “It’s too boring?”

Wrong. The most common complaint people have the world over about church is that:

It doesn’t solve our problems!

Some pastors are bold enough to make promises about what God can do for you, such as bringing you victory, grace, freedom; but those promises inevitably fail and disappoint.

Why? Because God doesn’t like to keep his holy promises? No!

Because pastors don’t make enough promises!

Your pastor has failed you because he has not dared to make the promises God wants him to make to you! God wants to bless your life more than any church has been willing to tell you yet! Throughout the ages, God’s holy scriptures have told us how his power can be harnessed in our lives TODAY! It’s all in the Bible!


I want to share with you my method of unlocking the ancient secrets to success in the Bible. I’ve discovered three areas of FREEDOM and BLESSING you can achieve by the authority of God’s holy word:



And the best part is that it’s God free gift! You cannot earn God’s blessing! You can know how to ask for it! The Lord said that “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” I found this passage in the book of Matthew, a man who shares my name in the verse 7:7, which also is my birthday and a holy number, imbued with special power. God was confirming his message to me, and I made this passage my life verse.
Let me help you. When you send in your personal infomation and any financial donation of your choosing, I’ll provide you with everything you need to get started, absolutely free! It’s my gift to you as your pastor. You’ll get a complimentary Church of New Prosperity Study Bible, a ‘Prayer Wheel,’ a copy of my book, ‘Taking God to the Bank,’ and much more. You’ll be on your way to success and happiness immediately! Can you afford to live without the POWER of JESUS in your life for one more moment?

If you’re still reading, happy April 1! Someday, I hope to reveal some new ministry to you, and I promise it won’t be this. It will be real.