Googling My Blog!

March 18, 2009

I’ve been curious lately about how some people arrive at my blog. Lucky for me, I recently discovered that Google Analytics keeps track of every search people have made that has led to them right here. The answers…were not conclusive. Some of them look like they were looking specifically for me. Others, well it seems to prove that whole ‘six degrees’ of seperation thing may have some credence. Here are some of my favorite Google searches that have led people to finding me:

How to please your man
At least a dozen variations of this search have been made, including ‘how 2 please your man,’ ‘pleasing your man 101,’ and ‘how to put it on your man,’ whatever that means. This makes ‘pleasing your man’ by far the most frequent search leading people to my blog. Ladies, remember: ‘more.’ That’s it, you’re welcome. Maybe I’ll start a sex column soon.

How to get a Christian boy to like you
First, lump them all into a broad category. I’m sure George Barna has done a study on this.

What to do with a Christian emotional guy or
Crybaby men of God
Give him ice cream.

My brother is an idiot
I feel your pain. I really do.

I stole my own car
Good job, Chachi. Did you strip it and sell it for scrap too?

People who should be dead
Apparently, I made someone’s list.

Name of CD containing song ‘marnie’ by Fernando Ortega

Taco sauce party
Why wasn’t I invited?

Where did Mark Driscoll get his Mickey Mouse shirt?
Ah the deep questions of life.

How do you no if your man has created
That’s not a typo. I don’t know why, but I’m the fourth link Google comes up with.

There’s no clothed people in hell
Reason enough to get to heaven!

Pick up girls at church or
How to get a church girl
Well, I am the master. I got one to marry me. For starters, whistle at her and yell, ‘Hey, church girl!’

The guy that died for three hours and came back to life
Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lady fell down ditch
Wish I knew what you were talking about.

What to do when your grandma hates you for not going to church

How do people kill two birds with one stone
Tie them together first. Or kill one, and then reuse the rock.

Why boys love legos or
Why guys love ninjas
Seems obvious to me, but I’m glad I could help clear this up.

The perfect pastor blog
Thank you.

Know what would be awesome? Search Google Blogs for a blog about Kevin Bacon, and see how many links you have to follow to find me! Or find yourself. That might be easier. I tried it. Took me 3 links to get to a blog that I follow. Pretty cool.
How did you find this blog? If you did a Google search, what was it?