Resolution: Accomplished

January 2, 2009

Hey blog friends! Hope you had a great New Year, and have high hopes for 2009. Here’s how my New Year panned out as well as my plans for the coming year.

Dec. 31, 10:45 pm: Matt decides New Year’s resolution: to be a featured guest blogger on Stuff Christians Like. After three to five days, based on the loving encouragement of his family, will probably file this resolution in the category of “What a ridiculous pipe dream; why don’t you go get a real job?” along with such past resolutions as becoming a detective and owning a ferret.

Jan 1: Matt spends whole day sleeping, eating at Waffle House and watching movies. Gives fleeting thought to how he will accomplish his resolution, but is distracted by a mildly humorous dog on a ten-year-old rerun of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Jan 2, 5:00 am: While rest of America prepares for months of working out at the gym to fulfill unreachable resolutions, Matt inexplicably bumbles his way to success, accomplishes his New Year’s resolution, in record time no less. Matt: 1; 2009: 0.

Jan 3 – Dec 31, 2009: Matt rests on his laurels, proud of his above average year of accomplishment. Spends a lot of time looking thoughtful, even though no one is watching.

So if you’re visiting from SCL, I’m glad you’re here! I do plan on doing a bit more than rest on my laurels for the next 363 days, just in case you’re wondering. Take a look around, let me know you were here, and hopefully I’ll see you again. And you have a blog, chances are I’ll stop by for a visit, because you’re probably cooler than me. Happy blogging, everybody!