Look at How Smart I Am! I Read Books!

January 9, 2009

Apparently, you people like books.

At least, you pretend to like books, by your enthusiastic comments on books you’ve read lately.

And if there’s one person here who can pretend to like books, it’s me. I love to incorporate a book I’m “reading” into a sermon. (read: have scanned one chapter for a good quote that makes me look smart.) So it was inevitable that I should trot out my book expertise in front of you as well. So I’m going to dedicate a little space on Fridays for the time being to bringing your attention to a book you should read. Then you can tell me how you’ve just ordered it on Amazon, how you’ve already read it and I’m so right about it, or how much better a different book is, and thus how much more learned you are than I.

Today’s book is:

The Divine Conspiracy
by Dallas Willard

Who Should Read This?
Everyone who loves Jesus. Do you love Jesus? Then why haven’t you ordered the book yet?

Well, beyond that, the book is about discovering that the kingdom of God is not just in heaven, it’s on earth. Therefore living in the kingdom begins today! This is like the book that came out on the same day as ‘Purpose Driven Life.’ Perhaps somewhat of the same goal, very different way of reaching said goal, and probably does it better. But far fewer people have read it than Warren’s book. If you’ve struggled with the ‘beatitudes,’ there’s a chapter on that. If you are looking for a perspective on being a disciple of Jesus, that’s what you’ll find.

How Long Will it Take Me to Read?
It’s a 400 pager, no slouch. It’s one of those books that you read in front of people and count off the pages through gritted teeth as you read them like you’re sculpting your guns with dozens of bench presses.

398…399…400! Ah, it burns so deep! It’s such a deep burn!

But the book was written in 1997 and the language is fairly easy, so it doesn’t exactly feel like 400 pages. But it will sculpt your spiritual guns, so to speak.

That does it. My first published book review. Tell me, have you read it? Do you agree? Is there a book you just can’t put down right now that I should be reading?