Look at How Smart I Am! I Read Books: My Life Without God

January 16, 2009

It’s official: you all love books.

I had a great time last week bringing a book that I love to your attention. And I was amazed and enthralled by all of your enthusiastic book recommendations. So while your reading list only grows by one book, mine grows by a couple dozen!

This week’s book:

My Life Without God
by: William J. Murray

Why Should You Read It?
Madalyn Murray O’Hair was the woman in the sixties and seventies who was responsible for removing prayer from public schools. She has a laundry list of other achievements as the nation’s most outspoken atheist. She published dozens of newsletters, appeared in the Supreme Court, had dozens of news interviews, defrauded her supporters, took the surname of an unrequieted love, attempted to defect to Cuba, to name juat a few. William, her oldest son, was converted to Christ as an adult and immediately started out to write his story. This book details his childhood and years as a young man which were dedicated to killing God.

It’s an absolutely fascinating book, and by the last third of the story, William’s life is so chaotic, it can hardly be fathomed how he actually lived it. The family hops across dozens of states, barely escaping poverty and homelessness on numerous occasions. Madalyn was a person who I am too young to have remembered, but I sure get a clear picture of her here. Aside from the evil exterior of the public face, one gets a sense of what it was like to live with this manipulative, conniving person.

I’m not saying you should read this book in order to hate Madalyn. Not at all. Another aspect of this book, which is up to the reader to see, is that as awful as Madalyn was, she was never any worse than any of us before we came to Christ’s grace. It’s really a portrait of the depravity of all mankind, and how Christ entered a most unlikely heart.

If you know how Madalyn’s story ends, the epilogue of this book is somewhat depressing in that William will never know if his prayers for his mother are answered.

How long will it take me to read it?
It’s 250 pages, but you will be glued to this book. Especially the second half is a roller coaster of events that you say it’s just crazy enough, that it has to be true.

It doesn’t seem this book is in print any more, but you can find lots of copies on Amazon.com

Anyone read this book? Anyone remember Ms. O’Hair’s antics on TV? What about when William revealed his conversion? Any similar (or completely unrelated books) we should find?