God don’t want to talk to you. He’s with me now!

December 5, 2008

Me and God, we go way back…almost 26 years, which is practically forever. So I feel like the two of us are on the same wavelength. We speak the same language, cause we’re pals. We can kick back on a Sunday afternoon and just hang out. Or shoot hoops. Me and the Big Guy, giving each other fist bumps.

To me, God is a particular type of God. He has a personality that I can relate to (and no, it’s not really the above description). I don’t think this is a self fashioned God. I think it’s based on what the Bible says about God. It’s based on what we know of Jesus’ personality. As a guy, I can relate to my God.

So you can imagine my…concern about a year ago when I’m asked to design some brochures for a women’s retreat, and everything is all about God’s ‘alluring love!’ Everything was ‘escape into His arms’ this, and ‘Jesus, lover of my soul’ that. Everything was so girly! This isn’t ‘Jesus is my homeboy.’ More like ‘Jesus is my boyfriend.’ It even sounded a tad sexual. I begrudgingly took the money and invited women to engage in a blissful romantic weekend with their true lover. Then I went to a bar, but all that sounded good was a fuzzy navel. I mean, you think you know a guy, then it turns out he spent his weekend feeding ‘spiritual chocolates’ to some girl, while he was supposed to be hanging with you!

This would be inappropriate for a youth group.
I need to see the Holy Spirit between the two of you.

I haven’t been in a church in a long time that sings those ‘love songs’ that pass as hymns. I’m pretty sure some of those are just reworked Elvis ballads with ‘Jesus’ stuck in there. So I haven’t thought about this sort of thing that some women do with God.

What I discovered as I talked with some friends is that we all have different facets of God that we’re comfortable with. I’m perfectly comfortable with God being close. Speaking seriously, I do relate to the ‘child’ metaphors in a deep way, like Solomon begging God for wisdom, as he is only a little child. One of my friends, on the other hand, was not comfortable at all with that sort of a relationship. God seemed too mysterious and unsearchable for a guy who has an unusually close relationship with his father. He worships God more as his king and sustainer.

My conclusion is that God is so huge because He has made so many different types of people, and He’s got to be God to all of them! So He speaks this way to one person, and that way to another. And this isn’t to dilute the reality of God as Savior. But maybe God the Father is ‘King’ to one, ‘Father’ to another, and…dare I say it, ‘boyfriend’ to another.

I’m curious about who God is to other people now.