Weapons of Righteousness

November 14, 2008
Paul made a great analogy to the Ephesians about preparing for Christian service as if preparing for battle. He told them to protect themselves with the ‘belt of truth,’ the ‘shield of faith,’ the ‘sword of the Spirit’ and so on. It’s a great passage. But I was thinking that Paul wrote a long time ago. Not only do Christians have many more concerns than their 1st century bretheren, but they have many more weapons with which to carry out their mission that just a sword.

Consider the modern Christian soldier’s weapons of righteousness:

The ninja sword of quiet times

The sais of Sunday School attendance sheets

The bo staff of making sure we make more money at our bake sale than the Baptists on the corner

The nunchucks of potluck dinners

The throwing stars of evangelism

The sharks with laser beams on their heads of prosperity

The Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face of worship medleys

The WMD of youth lock-ins

The ice breath and/or heat vision of multi-sensory worship

The Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic gun of Christian brotherly/sisterly love, unity, and hand holding with a squeeze at the end of the prayer