VBS Gender Wars – The Girls Answer Back

November 7, 2008

Recovered from Miss Dana’s Vacation Bible School sing-a-long room:

You boys are so dumb. You are all gross and full of lice and none of you are ninja turtles. You will not get us with your stupid ninja stars because we will be invisible, riding invisible unicorns. Guess what? Girls rule, boys drool! When Erica’s mom brings the teddy grams and orange drink, you aren’t getting any. You get to eat dirt which we are making for you. Steven did not make out with anybody, he doesn’t even have any brains and better not come in the girls bathroom again. Boys are dirty and stinky and cannot dance or fly or use fairy magic like us and they have cooties. If you love the ninja turtles so much, why don’t you marry them? oooooooooooh! Jesus would not be a ninja turtle because we are going to beat you at kick ball, and collect more money than you for the orphans and your popsicle stick raindeer ALL STINK!

The girls