VBS Gender War – The Boys are Ninja Turtles

November 7, 2008

Recovered from Miss Sarah’s Vacation Bible School craft room: A lot of you have been saying that you can beat us at the kickball game, and that we don’t know anything about Jesus or ninja turtles, but you are stupid! We know all about ninja turtles and Jesus because Jesus is a ninja turtle and so are we! You wouldn’t even be Leonardo if you put yourselves together! You stink and should get a life FAST. We know you told on Davey to Miss Sarah for eating that tennis ball. Your just mad because Steven was making out with Amanda during sing along even though you don’t know what that means. You better watch out because we didn’t make stupid Bible bookmarks like you. We used the paper and foil to make like a million awesome ninja stars! So this afternoon at the water balloon fight, we are going to be flipping out and you are going to have a face full of water balloons and ninja stars because you are the biggest idiots ever! And then we’re going to eat all the pizza.

The Boys