The Chinese Buffet of Truth

November 21, 2008

There’s been a big push the last few years to get America healthy. They say that this generation does not know how to make good eating choices. People merely forage like wild animals on empty calories devoid of any nutritional substance. Thus, this generation may be the first in many to not enjoy as long a lifespan as the prior generation.

This got me to thinking the other day about our other hungers. People hunger and thirst for food and drink, but also for purpose, truth, love, importance, power, legacy. These are the other hungers that drive our lives.

People have choices about how they will satisfy these hungers, much like they can choose how they will fill their stomachs every few hours. They can fill up on the sustenance that God provides – for man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from God. But, more often than not, people forage for these things in all the wrong places. They look for love, meaning, truth in the empty places. They fill up on the empty calories of popular entertainment and music which glamorizes vice, sex, money, distorts what ‘real’ men and women are, and insults and degrades everybody as creatures of God.

Jesus talked about this – he told the woman at the well that the water she would drink from the well would leave her thirsty. He told the crowd at the temple that the bread they eat would leave them hungry. Only the food and drink he would provide spiritually would satisfy them completely. People are looking to satisfy their hungers with foods and drinks that will leave them hungrier and thirstier than they felt before.

I call it the ‘Chinese Buffet of Truth.’

So many things the world offers seem delicious for a short time, and do seem to satisfy the cravings inside us. But an hour after dinner, we’ve ended up with a week’s worth of sodium and MSG, and mysterious hunger pangs so fierce they make your hands shake.