Congratulations on Getting off Your Lazy Bum for Ten Minutes to do Your American Duty

November 5, 2008
I had been refusing to write about politics, since I am so desperately tired of people using every means possible to brag about their voting record. Facebook is overrun with people who are proud that they did their absolutely basic American duty, and took ten minutes to fill in some circles on a piece of paper. Good job, everyone. This place truly is full of patriots and heroes. The founding fathers would be proud of how bravely Americans face petty inconveniences and minor irritations in order to make our voices heard, not just in the voting booth, but in our yards, schools, business, and blogs. Sure, we didn’t have to ride twenty miles on horseback or wait 6 months after the election to hear the results by pony express. But standing in line to vote with a free cookie in hand and watching Charlie Gibson all night is pretty brutal.

This woman, an American hero, had to bravely choose between purchasing her prescription drugs and this yard sign. Let’s pray she lived long enough to actually vote.

Yes, I was refusing to say all these things. But I was informed by Jon over at Stuff Christians Like that I have a moral duty to comment on the election. I won’t belabor his points, as he writes them much better than I could summarize anyway.

The only thing I will say on a serious note is that I am tired of Christians, Agnostics, Jews, Blacks, Whites, Bhuddists, Mexicans, and everyone else putting their faith and hope in people, confident that they will never let them down. These candidates become peoples’ own personal Savior. How easy it is to forget that we elect fallible people who will inevitably let us down.

By the way, I’m just as irritated when Republicans pull this kind of nonsense. I just couldn’t find a picture of someone standing next to a GOP yard sign.