Thou Shalt Not Complain

October 22, 2008

Commandment #11: Thou shalt not complaineth. All thy whining and moaning is detestable to me, your God.

Has God’s life really been free of complaining?

There’s a campaign amongst many Christians today: a campaign against complaining. They wear Lance Armstrong bracelets and penalize themselves for complaining. I don’t know what the reward is if they make it through 21 days of complaint sobriety.

Personally, I find this offensive, because complaining is like eating for me. Seriously. I’m complaining even as I write this…Daggone teenagers walking in my yard with their baggy pants and their ridiculous hair. Get a haircut, hippie!

Look at the Bible: God is complaining all the time! And with good reason! The Israelites are like a herd of cats – the kind of cats that melt down their food dishes into cow statues and worship them. And then Jesus goes into the temple and starts throwing stuff around. Sounds like a complaint.

There’s a difference between legit complaining and whining – if no one else would want to hear your whining, why would God? Take a look at Jonah – nothing but whining! Because he didn’t want to go to Ninevah. He didn’t want to do this or that. Woe is he. Boo hoo.

Now look at Habakkuk. Again, nothing but complaining. But there’s a difference. God is saying, ‘Yeah, right on Habakkuk! Take your complaining to the people.’ Habakkuk looks around him and sees incredible injustices taking place among ‘religious’ people. That’s a legit complaint.

So today, do some complaining. Not whining, but some legit complaining about what’s wrong with the world. What’s ungodly, what’s unjust, what’s not right. Get mad. Then go do something about it.

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  1. How did this switch away from intense debate format? I am so confused now…