The Minister of Announcements

October 24, 2008

Now, I’ve never been a member of a church that had a huge staff. Usually in the smaller churches, people carry out multiple jobs, with varying degrees of effectiveness. But as churches get bigger, the paid staff seem to get more specialized. Their jobs get smaller as the work load for each job gets bigger.

Somewhere, between the pastor, the youth leader, the worship leader, and the secretary is one of the more prestigious jobs: The Minister of Announcements.

He literally ministers to you by giving you the important bullet points of the church’s life each Sunday. I haven’t had the chance to speak to any specialized ministers of this sort. I’d like to know how one lands this job, what the pay scale is, if they put that on their resume. And I’m not being sarcastic either. God loves ministers of announcements. Because studies show that it takes eight repititions of information to finally penetrate the concrete barrier around adults’ brains. So this minister’s toil is tough. It is a blessed thing when such a man can rest at the end of his life and say, ‘I did it. I gave the announcements. And with God as my witness, people heard them and remembered. If just one person came to know the announcements in all these years, it has surely been worth it.’