The Church of No People

October 22, 2008

Why does the world need another blog?
It doesn’t.
In fact, you were probably looking for someone else’s blog. Someone you’ve seen on TV, or heard on the radio, or a friend told you about.

You see, in the real world, I pastor a church. People show up on Sundays to hear the brilliant thoughts pour out of my mind. This blog is kind of like a church. Except that there are no people. It’s the Church of No People.
Do you know what a pastor would do if no one showed up to church? Just go to church the Sunday after Christmas – the last Sunday of the year. No one will be there, and it will be off the hook!
Since there is no one in this church, I can likewise do as I please. The thoughts that are delivered to this non-existant congregation are not fit for Sunday consumption. In fact, I don’t even want you to read any further. If you did, this would cease to be a church with no people, and I’d have to start giving you the ‘Sunday’ treatment.
Seriously, go away. I’ve got my church just as I want it, and I don’t need anyone to mess it up. Go to some real church, and sit in someone’s real seat and mess up their Sunday!
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2 responses to The Church of No People

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