No One Will Read This

October 23, 2008

To follow up my opening post: why create this blog? Do I expect people to actually find, much less take the time to read it? Would I even read this? The answer to all of those is probably no. There are much better blogs out there. Just like there are much better preachers out there than me. But each week, despite all my expectations to the contrary, a few people still show up on Sunday and let me ramble about Jesus. I find that pretty amazing. I fully expect each week to be the last that anyone shows up. So, if no one ever reads this blog, ever, then it will have fully met its quota of readers.

It’s helpful to set your sights low enough so that crushing disappointment does not make you into a calloused and jaded shell of a soul.

If you read my posts and come to hate me and everything that I am, that’s great! Tell me about it! If you are moderately neutral, or even have slightly positive sentiments toward me, tell me that too. Either way, it’s all gravy for me!