My Evil Nemesis

October 23, 2008

Everyone needs a nemesis. You know, that dark doppelganger that relentlessly pursues and taunts you. You and your nemesis are equally matched, so there is little chance that either one of you will be going away any time soon. So the clash of the titans continues. Superman will never banish Lex Luthor forever. It’s an old story that will never die, and it keeps Superman from taking his anger out on kittens or baby ducks. He has someone who deserves to be resisted.
A lot of people are shopping for their nemesis these days. Someone to antagonize them endlessly, on whom they can spend all of their pent up rage. Like comic books or movies, real life villians should be cool, unique, powerful, but ultimately vulnerable to triumph against. No one picks a fight with a kid they can’t possibly beat.
However, it seems out of rampant laziness, or lack of paying attention to these key characteristics of life villians, many young people are not choosing their enemies wisely. They’ve opted to take on the biggest kid on the block.
Their nemesis is LIFE.
You know the kid. The one who sulks around wearing too much makeup, being extremely rude, yet emotionally needy. As if their life’s purpose is to awaken those around them to the sinister force overtaking all of us. The one who’s been utterly broken by the difficulties of pampered suburban life – of having everything they want, their own room, computer, car, etc.
No, I’m not talking about genuinely ill, depressed or troubled teens. There are many who need therapy or medication to deal with genuine trauma or sickness. Just google ‘I hate my life.’ There is an army ready to take down this beast through endless blogging.
First, in an age of ‘self expression’ being paramount, hating life is about the least original thing anyone can do.
Secondly, LIFE is like a machine. A mindless churning robot with no mind or soul. You can hate it all you want. You can hate it until you sweat blood. Life doesn’t know you hate it. I’m sure it would care if it did know. But it’s like hating a tree. Hey, punch the tree if you want. You won’t feel any better. Did you parents ever tell you when you were angry to punch your pillow? Did it work? NO! Because when you’re in the mood to punch someone in the face, a big soft faceless pillow doesn’t cut it! Ooooh! I sure hurt that mean pillow’s feelings! He’s such a jerk!
This is all created out of BOREDOM! I know I get depressed when I don’t have enough to do. Life loses purpose when there is no threat of want without work, and you don’t believe in a divine purpose for your life. You didn’t see depression era people whining all the time, they just worked and prayed and got over how terrible life was! But their children had nothing but money and free time to skip their parental provided college classes and go sit in the grass and protest Vietnam. That wasn’t about trying to save the soldiers, nothing noble about it. It was about trying to save their own cushy lifestyles before they got drafted! Those people had nothing better to do than hate life!
But I digress…
Why waste your time on an enemy that will never go away, and ultimately, everyone faces. There are too many real villians out there who you may just be tapped to defeat. Like the pod people.