Mildly Suggestive Youth Group Games

October 23, 2008

As I was a youth leader for a few years, I picked up a lot of insights about teenagers which I’ll be posting here. Today I was thinking about how the entertainment value of a youth game increased the more mildly suggestive it is. You know the game where you try to pass a Life-Saver between teammates on pieces of uncooked spaghetti in your teeth? It got the kids uncomfortably close to kissing – just to win the game! Some kid would always eat half of his spaghetti stick, so it was even more fun as two teens look like they’re about to re-enact that ‘Lady and the Tramp’ scene. The same principle applies to the myriad of games that require awkwardly passing objects, or fruits with unusual body parts. I don’t know if these games increase the likelihood of kids making out at lock-ins, or decreases it, as they’re all grossed out by each other. Someone needs to study that.

Another game was ‘big booty.’ It was a chanting game, and the title was completely arbitrary. The person who was ‘it’ was referred to as ‘big booty.’ Just a word that makes for good chanting. Kids loved that game. My friends and I loved it when we were in high school.