Let’s Pray Over This…

October 23, 2008

Oftentimes, a church will face a big decision it needs to make. So a bunch of people – elders or the committee will sit down with the pastor and try to make a big decision about the future of the church.

The meeting may divide people. The pastor may disagree with an elder who is gaining support for their idea. The pastor feels it’s not in the church’s best interest. How does he slow down this situation so the church doesn’t shoot itself in the foot in the span of a ten minute discussion.

“Let’s pray over this and come back in a week.”

The pastor will probably make a suggestion like this one. It’s his nice way of saying he doesn’t like your idea. In fact, he thinks he’d rather see the church building burn down than see your idea executed. Except that everyone is praying for different things. The elder with the bad idea is praying that everyone will see things his way. The pastor is praying everyone will realize its a terrible idea, or maybe that the church building will burn down. Of course, if you’re the one with the terrible idea, and you’re feeling ornery the next week, just announce that after a week of prayer and fasting, Jesus told you that your idea was awesome.

I’m curious to know how effective this method is at preventing terrible ideas from becoming terrible realities.

One response to Let’s Pray Over This…

  1. I have to laugh… whenever my former boss (the pastor) said he’d have to pray about something I’d suggested, I knew that was pastor-speak for “NOOOOOO!”