Laughing at Inappropriate Jokes

October 23, 2008

As a youth leader and now part time teacher, I’m supposed to be an authority over children and teenagers. The problem is, I’m relatively close to their age. When I step into a classroom, I’m probably the closest to their age of almost any adult in the building. Thus, teens think we have some sort of bond. Like I’m one of them. I have to do everything possible to not let them believe that I am their friend or care about them in any way. They are purely a means to an end.

Then one of them completely blows my cover. They tell an inappropriate joke. It’s hilarious and everyone knows it. And I’m too immature to be able to hold in my laughter. Really, it’s shameful. I should be more sophisticated than their crude rudimentary humor. But it’s too late. But I remember doing the same thing to adults at youth group when I was a teenager. Like that game where you start out in a public place whispering an inappropriate-for-church-talk body part. Then your partner says it a bit louder. Then it goes back to the first, to see who dares say the word loudest. Hilariously inappropriate. So maybe teens are naturally funny, even if it is in crass, disgusting, completely un-Christian ways.