I Wanna Rock!

October 27, 2008

A few days ago I shared an idea about a more Christian alternative to the ever increasingly popular secular video games. That game was Bible Mortal Kombat.

But perhaps you aren’t the type that enjoys impaling one’s enemies and tearing their spines out. Maybe you’re more the type who wishes you could emulate your favorite rock-star pastor. Halfway through the week, you’re just itching for some of that throw-down preaching that gets you so pumped up on Sundays you almost throw up the ‘devil fingers.’ Maybe it’s time you tried:

Yes, even you can rock like your favorite star pastors. You don’t need talent, or even a calling from God. You too can deliver face-melting encouragements to crowds of adoring fans like Joel. Head-banging bible expositions like John MacArthur, soul-thumping paradigm shifts like Marc Driscoll, and

crowd surfing



like Rob Bell are all at your fingertips! Rock out like the guys Jesus loves most! Get that Holy Spirit fire to rain down from heaven so hard it makes you want to bite the head off a small animal! Crank that Word of God up to 11!

Shout at the devil!