Fried Chicken Moments

October 23, 2008

When I took my preaching class in seminary, it was just a few guys and the professor. The prof would never shout ‘amen’ or ‘praise Jesus’ when we spoke, but we knew we were on the right track when he let out a little ‘mmmm.’ If we could get a couple of those, we could know we’d get a decent grade that day.

We students would give each other written critiques. About the second message I gave, one of the guys had made a little chart with some tally marks – about four or five labeled ‘Fried Chicken Moments.’ He had started counting all the times the prof would ‘mmmm’ and recorded the numbers for us. He called those ‘fried chicken moments’ because it sounded like he was taking a big bite of juicy, delicious KFC, coincidentally just as we had made a great point. I suspect if we had earned a ‘hallelujah’ or ‘praise the Lord,’ that would’ve counted for about fifty points.

‘Fried chicken moments’ are always good – either in church or while actually eating a bucket of extra tasty crispy chicken. This Sunday, when your pastor feeds you an extra juicy morsel like a loving mother bird, let him have it by telling everyone how delicious that bite was. If you’re not the type to do that, bring a bucket of chicken with you if it helps you be more vocal. I don’t know anyone who can eat fried chicken and not ‘mmmm.’ Maybe share with the person next to you to encourage them to do the same.